Palestine and Gaza launch the era of the masses

Bakr Abu Bakr

Arafat “Where to?”, he said: “To Palestine”

Mustafa FAHS / Translation for "Al-Quds" dot com

Israel and the questions of “the next day”

Elias Harfoush/ Translation for (Al-Quds" dot com

Zero distance in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Mounir Adeeb

The Lebanon War is approaching... and its timing depends on the results in Gaza In light of Israeli threats... and despite Iran's hesitation

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Pariah or Not Pariah?

Carnegie Endowment

Forever war?... Israel faces the risk of a long, bloody rebellion in Gaza

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Israeli expert: Why is Netanyahu undermining Biden's strategy in Gaza?

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Will the war on Gaza cause the exodus of Gazans to Europe?

Hani Al Masri

Israeli settlers start a war

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French philosopher Edgar Morin: The Gazans are suffering and our civilization is in crisis

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American position on Israeli war on Gaza: Backgrounds and limits of the shift in the Biden administration’s policy

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The second surprise will come from the West Bank

Gideon Levy

The solution on the Israeli way

Dr. Ahmed Rafiq Awad / Head of the Al-Quds Center for Future Studies / Al-Quds University

Gaza, the Arabs, and the fate of the Middle East

Burhan Ghalioun

Political thinker Shafiq: The current war is a second birth for the Zionist entity in the eyes of America and Israel

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Hebrew Press| Tell us the truth: Did you decide to sacrifice the kidnapped ones?


War without end

Mario Vargas Llosa

Israeli Opinio| Voices outside the Israeli media disinformation

Antoine Shalhat

International law expert: Israel is practicing “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” in Gaza

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Lopes: Gaza is the cemetery of international law

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Because of the war on Gaza... expectations of the disintegration of the Netanyahu government

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Israeli Opinion| Israeli success against Hamas could harm Moscow's interests in the region

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

Israeli Opinion| We must not be blinded by our tactical successes in Gaza, as the decisive stages are still ahead of us

N12 channel

Yanis Varoufakis on Israel-Gaza: ‘We Europeans have created this’


Hezbollah’s strategic calculation: Israel, Gaza and the domestic equation

Beirut - "Al-Quds" dot com

Opinion | Israel-Gaza war is stretching US, China diplomacy to the limit

South China Morning Post (SCMP)

Gaza and the "final battle"... Where are things heading?

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US Foreign Policy Establishment Is Instrumentalizing Islamophobia, Report Shows

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

Israel and the international community

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

American website: Only Israeli military failure will stop the genocide in Gaza

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Analysis: The Israeli war on Gaza: Is there a time horizon for the end of the war?

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Israeli Press: Our path to achieving the goal is full of obstacles, and the political and security levels are trapped


Haaretz: The Palestinian Authority is a partner


There Might Be No Day After in Gaza


Calculating the gains and risks in the US administration’s position on the war in Gaza

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“Breaking the silence” in Israel... calls to stop the Gaza war with “diplomacy failing”

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Newspaper: Hamas planned “larger-scale attacks” on October 7th

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A war without evacuation ships

Nabil Amr

It has become part of the past.. Who will rule Israel if Netanyahu leaves? A more extreme government or a centrist coalition?

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An interview with Azmi Bishara regarding the developments in the war: The Israelis realize that they are unable to remain in Gaza

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