A waterfall of blood in Rafah

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Salman Rushdie is echoing Israeli talking points to justify the horrors in Gaza

Middle East Eye

JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER: The ICC Goes after Israel


The pressing question: Will Israel comply?

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The Fraudulent justice

Ibrahim Melhem

Easing civilian suffering should be the easy part of this war

The Washington Post

Olmert: What is happening in the Gaza Strip is nothing but “an appendix to a comprehensive war” that begins in the West Bank

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The message of Israel’s torture chambers is directed at us all, not just Palestinians

Jonathan Cook

Biden and Congress are destroying International Law for Israel


Israel challenges the decisions of the International Court of Justice

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Can America’s Special Relationship With Israel Survive?

Foreign Affairs

Richard Falk: Why ICC bid for arrest warrants is a bold and historic move

Middle East Eye

Silencing the conscience of the world

Media Part

War on Gaza: The ICC has suspended Israel's licence to kill

Middle East Eye

What is behind the accusation of anti-Semitism launched against Karim Khan?

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The Dead End of Liberal American Zionism

Counter Punch

Palestine Talks | John Mearsheimer discusses Gaza

John Mearsheimer

Is the War in Gaza Turning Israel Into a Pariah State? Possible ICC warrants are the latest indicators.

Foreign Policy

Israel kills the teacher, student and doctor..!!

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Britain's support for Zionism has caused 76 years of conflict. It is time this barbarism stops

Middle East Eye

The View Within Israel Turns Bleak

The New York Times

Israel's difficult choices after Rafah

Ahmed Rafiq Awad

Brief Talk

Ibrahim Melhem

US focused on hunting down Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, in bid to end Gaza war

Middle East Eye

Video: Why Israel Is in Deep Trouble


Palestine and Israel... from the Jewish Holocaust to the Palestinian Holocaust

Ibrahim Abrash

The least that can be said

Ibrahim Melhem

The Limits of Moralism in Israel and Gaza

Ross Douthat

The Limits of the Biden-Netanyahu ‘Dispute’... Above the Rubble of Rafah

Eyad Abu Shakra

French academic: Biden has declared himself a Zionist since 1973

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Under the Pretext of “Antisemitism”, the Suppression of the Palestinian People is Accompanied by an Attempt to Suppress the Defense of their Cause


Podcast: 7 Months on, How Would a Breakthrough look? Ehud Olmert, Dr Nasser Alkidwa & Thomas Friedman

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What Hamas Wants in Postwar Gaza

Foreign Affairs

Hebrew Media: What is behind Biden's threat to stop supplying weapons to Israel?

Institute for National Security Studies

Biden’s war on Gaza is now a war on truth and the right to protest

Jonathan Cook

Gaza is the greatest test liberalism has faced since 1945. And it is failing

Middle East Eye

Student protests upend hegemony on Israel and Palestine forever

Middle East Eye

What will follow from the start of the attack on Rafah, and where is the movement heading in the Middle East?

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They Used to Say Arabs Can’t Have Democracy Because It’d Be Bad for Israel. Now the U.S. Can’t Have It Either.

The Intercept

Netanyahu and Hamas are playing politics over a Gaza truce


Rafah invasion: With defeat in sight, how can Netanyahu declare victory?

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