Israel-Palestine war: Bernie Sanders' refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza is alienating his base

Middle East Eye

Israel-Palestine war: Israel is shredding US global influence one bomb at a time

Middle East Eye

Israel’s military failed the nation, but that won’t end Israeli militarism


Israeli Press| Nasrallah determined the balance of deterrence that is proportional to the scale of confrontation with Israel

Haaretz- "Al-Quds" dot com

The Emotional Storm We are Living Through

Gershon Baskin

Israeli Maariv: Warning in Israel of “frightening cracks with Egypt”

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

Israeli analyst: Netanyahu is promoting a “non-existent” victory in Gaza

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

Hebrew Press: There is one solution to end the war, but Netanyahu has other plans

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A Conspiracy of Silence

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

For Hezbollah, Timing Is the Essence

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Analysis: Can the next UN vote stop Israel’s war on Gaza?

Hearst: The Gaza war undermines America's influence in the world

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Israeli historian Avi Shlaim: War on Gaza is meaningless and the West is biased towards Israel

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News Paper| The punishing military doctrine that Israel may be following in Gaza

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Death is tired of the killing of Palestinians, but Israel is not tired

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Yedioth: The Israeli addiction to tales of heroism aims to hide and obscure reality while we are drowning in our disaster

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Report: No Israeli victory on the horizon and a ceasefire within two weeks

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About the Jewish protest "Not in our name"

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What is hidden from the plan to change the map of the region?

Atef Al-Ghamri

The truces also facilitate the complete emptying of northern Gaza

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Dominique de Villepin: About the most dangerous traps set by Hamas for the West

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Israel’s war crimes in Gaza are by design, not default


Hassan Nafaa: Israel has ready plans for displacement, and the most likely scenario is that the war will develop into a regional one

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The occupation of Gaza City and the temporary displacement of the population is the Israeli step that broke the balance

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Haaretz Chief Editor: The New Nakba Is Israel’s Tiebreaker in War Against Hamas

Jewish press

Why does Hezbollah's expansion of the war with Israel seem like "destined"?

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The Gaza war between Israel's weak calculations, Hamas' successful tactics, and the ambiguity of future solutions

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Hebrew press| It is uncertain whether the resumption of ground maneuvers will be possible after a truce

Yedioth Ahronoth

Hebrew Press| Controlling Gaza is too big a task for the Authority - but it still has a job the next day


After the tragedy, the specter of another forced displacement looms

Philippe Lazzarini Commissioner general of UNRWA

The farce of post-Gaza Pax Americana in the Middle East


"Haaretz": The picture of the battles in Gaza is more complex than the one that Netanyahu is trying to export

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Will There Be a ‘Day After’ the Gaza War?

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Who will rule Gaza by the end of the war?

Ramallah - “Al-Quds” dot com

A voice outside the embrace of Israeli tyranny

Antoine Shalhat

The American ticking hour, and Israel’s movements in its war against “Hamas”

Institute for National Security Studies

What will we do the day after the war? The millionaire question in Israel

Al Sharq Al Awsat- “Al-Quds” dot com

Russia’s Relationship with Hamas and Putin’s Global Calculations

Washington Institute for Near Eat affairs

Opinion | How the Israel-Gaza Conflict Can Avoid Ending in Stalemate


The crisis in the Middle East, a boon for Russia?

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After we weakened Abbas for years, suddenly we want him to rid us of the Gazan mire