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Israel-Palestine war: Israel's endgame is much more sinister than restoring 'security'

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The End of Israel’s Gaza Illusions This War Is Unlike Any Other—and Must Begin at Home

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How Can We Not?

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China takes cautious approach to diplomacy over Israel-Gaza war

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The Russian position on Israel's war on Gaza...goals and challenges

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Were the Palestinians frustrated by Nasrallah's speech?

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The Gaza War and transformations within Israeli society

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Russian Pravda: By destroying Gaza, Israel is destroying itself


The consequences of political scene in the region after the war on Gaza

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Foreign Policy| America Is a Root Cause of Israel and Palestine’s Latest War

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Report: While in Israel, Blinken did not give any indication that the United States was seeking to put a time limit on war against Gaza

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Biden administration's position on Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip: Backgrounds and calculations of bias

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The truth is stronger.. than the arrogance of power!!

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Nasrallah's speech and his "unsuccessful" messages!

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The future of Gaza and impossible choices

Annahar- Translation for "Al-Quds" dot com

Videocast| The Israeli-Hamas War: A Conversation with Khalil Shikaki

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Videocast| Justifying Genocide – Shir Hever

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videocast| Strategically and Morally Bankrupt: U.S. Policy in the Middle East – Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

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American scenarios for the Middle Eastern crisis

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The West bank must be prevented from igniting


Opinion| The Israel-Hamas war is a historic opportunity for breakthrough

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The Israel-Hamas War Will Reshape Western Politics

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The Futility of Evil

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The Global Consequences of the Israel-Hamas War

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Iran Can’t Afford a Regional War

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Pay Attention to the Arab Public Response to the Israel-Hamas war

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After Gaza, Recalibrated Prospects for a Geopolitical Europe

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Gaza restores the centrality of the Palestinian issue

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Gulf Normalization Under Strain as Israel Pounds Gaza

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Qadafi “Isratin” solution returns timidly

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Regional war is besieging Tel Aviv in the “trap” of the Gaza Strip

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The growing objection to the Gaza aggression worries the American administration...and Israel

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The economic consequences of the Israel-Hamas war

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The goal: internationalization of the south of the Strip

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Israeli army is tightening its grip, hoping to improve negotiation conditions aimed at releasing the kidnapped

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Palestine is calling: Where is the world while Gaza is being slaughtered?

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