Wed 20 Dec 2023 11:24 am - Jerusalem Time

A retired French colonel predicts the "end of Israel" is approaching

A former colonel in the French army predicted the imminent demise of the State of Israel in light of the events that Gaza has been experiencing since the outbreak of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7, 2023.

Retired French Army Colonel Alain Corvez said in a video clip on social media, “The tragic events taking place now in Palestine are the beginning of the end of Israel. The inhumane massacre to uproot the population of Gaza and even in the West Bank “It indicates that this state, which has been outlawed since its founding, has no future.”

He added, "Not only that, but its end is now very near, because it is clear that after world public opinion shifted from supporting Israel to supporting Palestine, the demand for establishing a Palestinian state has become unbearable for postponement, and that this Palestinian state cannot exist adjacent to the State of Israel." "Coexistence between two states on these lands is now completely impossible."

During his participation in a talk show, a clip of which was published on the TikTok platform early last November, Corvez said, “Israeli propaganda tried from the beginning to present Hamas as a terrorist movement.”

He added: "I do not want to return to the details, but I say that this is a reversal of the facts because the terrorists are the Israelis, and this has been their practice since 1947. We know the details of their behavior and treatment since they settled in the lands that the United Nations gave them. They have not stopped imposing their control, oppressing and killing the Palestinians."

He continued: "As a specialist in geopolitical thinking, I say that the heroic resistance of the Palestinians against the fascist Israeli Nazi regime is a catalyst that will allow the cards to be shuffled across the world. With this new conflict, we will enter into a multipolar world that will end the world that was controlled by the United States and the Zionists in Tel Aviv."

Corvez denounced the dominance of the Israeli and American narrative in the current conflict in all European media, saying: “If the Western world today is pathetic, it is because it has been occupied and controlled by the Zionist and American powers for some time.”

He added: “I am convinced today that the Palestinians’ fight to lift the injustice they have been subjected to for 75 years is a fundamental factor that will push other oppressed peoples, albeit to a much lesser extent than the Palestinians, from governments installed by a technocratic elite rich with billions of dollars and controlling all media, to the degree to which French and other European channels began repeating one refrain, which is that Israel has the right to self-defense.”

He stressed, "We must therefore confront this injustice practiced by the European media and governments, which distort the truth in favor of America and Israel. Not only am I afraid, but I know that Israel, with its behavior since 1948, can reach the point of complete annihilation, and they will not stop, regardless of the international reactions."

The general concluded his speech by saying: “The United States is losing its control over the world, and they know this, and they will go to great lengths to maintain their control, and so will the Israelis in Palestine.”

Source: Al Jazeera + social networking sites


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A retired French colonel predicts the "end of Israel" is approaching