Wed 17 Apr 2024 2:48 pm - Jerusalem Time

Newspaper: Israel will bomb Iranian facilities in Syria

The American Wall Street Journal reported today (Wednesday) that Israel is coordinating with Arab countries regarding a response to Iran.

According to the report, the Israeli response will be limited to Iranian facilities in Syria, and members of the Revolutionary Guard have been evacuated from their bases there.

Meanwhile, Britain and Germany did not veto any Israeli response in Iran.

According to the report published by the newspaper, the Revolutionary Guard has begun emergency measures in its facilities throughout Syria, as the Syrian government advisor told the American newspaper.

Some members of the Revolutionary Guard were evacuated from their bases in Syria.

A number of Arab officials confirmed what was published by the official Israeli broadcast channel, that Israel transmitted messages behind the scenes to the Arab countries in the region, that it would not respond to the Iranian attack in a way that would expose it to danger.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Israel is likely to warn its allies before responding, and may limit its attacks to Iranian-linked facilities in Syria.”

Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of Great Britain and Germany did not veto the Israeli response, but spoke of a desire not to escalate the situation.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who is currently visiting Israel, said that "it is clear that Israel has decided to respond to the Iranian attack," and that he "hopes that it will act in a way that does not cause the least possible escalation." .

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi threatened earlier today that "any Israeli move against Iran, even the simplest, will be met with a strong and decisive response." Referring to the attack that occurred on Saturday evening, Raisi said, during a military parade on the occasion of Iranian Armed Forces Day, that it was “a limited attack that harmed the strength of the Zionist entity.”


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Newspaper: Israel will bomb Iranian facilities in Syria