Mon 15 Apr 2024 8:13 pm - Jerusalem Time

A statement by Al-Safadi regarding Iranian marches and Israeli missiles crossing Jordanian airspace

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi said that Jordan will confront any Israeli missiles that cross Jordan's airspace, in reference to a possible Israeli response to the major Iranian attack.

In an interview with CNN, Ayman Al-Safadi explained: “The Iranian attack was a response to the Israeli targeting and attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. The Iranians said they did what they had to do, and there is nothing more.”

Al-Safadi added: “I believe now that the pressure is on Israel not to escalate, and to work to achieve the goal that we all share, which is to reduce the escalation of the conflict, and the first step towards reducing the escalation is to stop the aggression against Gaza, end the illegal measures in the West Bank, and follow the path that will lead to a just and lasting peace based on the two-state solution, which we all believe is the only path to peace and security.”

The Foreign Minister continued: “With regard to Jordan, what we did was related to our long-standing policy towards any projectiles, drones or anything that enters our airspace, historically, and we continue to deal with that because it poses a danger to Jordan... We are in the line of fire, so what?” A missile or projectile that could land in Jordan would cause harm to Jordan... So we did what we had to do, and let me be very clear, we will do the same thing regardless of where those drones come from, from Israel or from Iran, or from anyone. Another: Our priority is to protect Jordan, protect Jordanian citizens, and do everything we can against any escalation that would harm everyone.”

In response to a question: “Were it the Americans or the Israelis who asked Jordan to intercept the projectiles? Or was it the Jordanians’ decision first and foremost and unilaterally?”

Al-Safadi said: “Our long-standing policy is that any object that enters our skies violates our airspace and we believe it poses a danger to Jordan, we will do everything in our power to end this threat, and this is what we did.”

He added: “I think what happened was a sign of how terrible things are and how dangerous the situation can deteriorate unless we deal with the cause of all this tension, which is the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the continued absence of political prospects for resolving the conflict as a result of Israeli policies... Iran responded to the attack and we see this is over... Now we have to look to the future and actually look and make sure that there are no other reasons for escalation.”

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani stressed the friendly relations with Jordan, indicating that contacts are continuing between officials of the two countries, and that good consultations have taken place over the past months between the two foreign ministers.


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A statement by Al-Safadi regarding Iranian marches and Israeli missiles crossing Jordanian airspace