Sat 13 Apr 2024 12:22 pm - Jerusalem Time

Wall Street Journal: “Israel” risks losing the war in Gaza

The Wall Street Journal said, “Israel is currently facing the possibility of losing this war, with the fighting losing momentum and no coherent post-conflict plan.”

The newspaper stated in its report, “The invasion of the Gaza Strip has become faltering with the return of most of the Israeli soldiers to their homes, as well as the return of Hamas to the areas that the Israeli army announced had been cleared of militants in the previous period, and Israel’s failure to achieve its declared goal of the war, which is to eliminate leaders.” Hamas and the destruction of the movement militarily and politically.”

The newspaper stated, “Some military and political leaders blame Netanyahu’s failure to develop a plan for Gaza after the war, saying that it left a political vacuum that Hamas exploits to build itself and restore its influence in the Strip.”

The newspaper noted, “Frustration is increasing weekly among its members due to the government’s failure to present a clear future vision, because without a political plan for Gaza, tactical gains on the battlefield will not translate into any lasting strategic victory, as senior current and former officers and soldiers who spent months in the fighting say.” "The hard work."

The newspaper added, "Despite Israel's announcement of successes against Hamas, secretly, many ordinary officers and soldiers are concerned about the possibility that their tactical successes against Hamas will be squandered due to political hesitation."

Israel claimed that it killed about 13,000 militants and dismantled 20 out of 24 Hamas battalions, while the newspaper pointed out that the American and Egyptian intelligence services believe that the number of Hamas militants killed is less than the announced number.

It explained, "Hamas, which had about 30,000 militants before the war, is also able to recruit new members from among a large number of young people in Gaza, experts say."

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It continued, "Militants began to reappear in Gaza City, north of the Strip, in January, when Israeli forces withdrew after occupying the city last year. This pattern is repeated in Khan Yunis, where the Israeli 98th Division fought a long battle before withdrawing."

The American newspaper said, “After Israel achieved successes against Hamas in most parts of Gaza, this mission has now stopped at the gates of Rafah, the city located on the southern border of Gaza, where Hamas brigades are still present and where about 1.5 million Palestinian civilians are taking refuge.”

The newspaper quoted high-ranking military figures as saying that a ground attack on Rafah cannot happen anytime soon.

According to the newspaper, Israel is trying to find a way to transfer the increasing numbers of refugees to another place in the severely devastated sector.

It stated, "The long war and its increasing humanitarian losses have led to tension in Israel's relationship with the United States. Many in Israel fear that American-Israeli relations will be irreversibly damaged by the war."


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Wall Street Journal: “Israel” risks losing the war in Gaza