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Jewish victimization in service of the Zionist executioners

In support of its war on the Palestinians, Israeli propaganda has adopted a single accusation against any person or entity that now criticizes its policy: anti-Semitism. That is, hatred of members of the Jewish religion. It relies on ancient, rooted evidence: Spain, which returned to Catholicism for centuries, expelled them from it, along with the Muslims, and the horrific Inquisition that it invented to punish them for their beliefs. To the stifling ghettos and bitter ghettos they had tasted; Beginning with the Russians, then with the rest of the Eastern European countries, until it extended to the Western ones. Its climax was the organized, studied, and “scientific” Holocaust, which was led by the Nazi German mind, led by Hitler. This last injustice wiped out millions of Jews, displacing them and scattering them. So it had a name: the Holocaust, or the Holocaust, or Jewish victimization. It is the single word, or the most frequently mentioned argument when Israeli propaganda talks about its enemies, the anti-Semites: that they do not acknowledge that we have been wronged throughout history.

The Holocaust in many ways occurred in Germany during World War II. Documenting it, announcing its evidence, and the testimonies of its survivors were among the most powerful dynamics that made the Zionist project successful in Palestine. The Holocaust, that unique crime in human memory, became, after all, the “moral” base on which Israel built its legitimacy. That the Jews have been oppressed throughout history, that after the Holocaust they reached the peak of their suffering, that they, like other peoples, have the right to have a homeland in which they can be safe, and to be free from the ghettos, anti-Semitism, and hatred that the Europeans inflict upon them...etc.

Because of the new oppression that the founding of this State of Israel brought upon us, we were unable to see the Jews as anything but evil in essence. Basically evil. Eternally evil, they could not have known injustice, persecution or the Holocaust.

At this moment, it is difficult to imagine that your perpetrator was once a victim. This is a spiritual effort, sought by calm, reassured souls, exempt from the immediate horror of war and its scourges.

Therefore, in the 1990s, when a French writer, named Roger Garaudy, emerged denying the Holocaust, denying its organization and planning, and accusing the Zionists of collaborating with the Nazis... we were filled with joy. He was celebrated in some Eastern capitals and invited to them. Damascus, Amman, then Beirut. In the latter capital, he was received by two left-leaning forums, the Arab National Forum and the Permanent Conference Against the Zionist Cultural Invasion. It was a symposium in which he spoke, a trip to the south, and a tour of Beirut and the Lebanese mountains. In recognition of his “political and cultural approach,” and his “spiritual faith and courage,” he earned during this visit the title “Sheikh Roger Garaudy” (see the nickname “Abu Ali Putin” for the Russian president, after Syria and Ukraine).

Subsequently, Garudi's book, “The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics,” was translated into Arabic by the publishing houses Al-Shorouk in Cairo and Al-Kitab in Damascus. In 1998, he was invited to the International Book Fair in Cairo, and was welcomed by prominent Egyptians, such as Muhammad Hassanein Heikal, Naguib Mahfouz, and Sheikh Muhammad Tantawi. Arab donations were collected to pay the costs of the trial held against him in France, as it was forbidden to deny the Holocaust. But it also turned out that he relied in his book on only two references, by two historians who all wrote about Holocaust denial. When Roger Garaudy's other positions developed and led him to support far-right parties, we did not care. We continued to admire him, even though we had forgotten him all these years. We forgot Garaudy, perhaps because someone came to take his place, and forcefully, amid the dust of the grinding war that Israel is waging against the people of Gaza and the Gaza Strip.

The massive demonstrations taking place in Western capitals and cities fill our hearts with joy, despite sorrow. They cannot believe that Palestinian flags are flying in these spots, with demonstrations, sit-ins, and cultural and networking events. Many groups, progressive, liberal, leftist, minorities, Native Americans (First Nations), participate in this, which resembles a peaceful, Western popular uprising for Palestine. But also, in these activities in support of Palestine, there are participants from the “supremacist” category, white supremacists from the far right, some of whom have Nazi tendencies. These are the strongest electoral stock for Donald Trump in the previous and next two presidential terms. Groups known for their hostility toward Jews and Arab Americans alike. They hate the Jews, because they see them as potential communists, the owners of money and banks, who control the media and Hollywood, carry out suspicious business operations, and have no conscience...and their control over all these sectors aims to “exterminate whites.”

Recognizing the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews is the only way to stop the blackmail practiced by Israeli propaganda against any party that supports the Palestinians, regardless of its tone.

Here are some representatives of thoSupremacistsists": Jackson Henkel. A young man in his early twenties, an influencer, with two and a half million followers. From the extreme conspiratorial right. The number of his followers has increased these days as he defends the Palestinians, glorifies Hamas and Hitler, and attacks Israel. Just like his two companions, Cath Yewd and Lord Pipo. Their social and Internet activity floods the network with their positions and statements “to the point that everyone forgot their previous anti-Muslim and anti-Arab words” (according to one American commentator).

As a reminder, their icon, Donald Trump, is not much different from them. In his election campaigns, he is enthusiastic about his "supremacist” audience, who raise banners reading: “The Jews will not take our place.” He supports them and praises their actions. He denies himself an anti-Semite. He says, "I am the least person in the world that you could describe as an anti-Semite." But in reality, he uses all the anti-Semitic clichés, encourages them, tolerates them.

On the contrary, there are positions that characterized the German government, which was heavily involved with Israel in this war. And it didn't budge. The secret behind this German “persistence”? The same Holocaust complex that we are dealing with. A few words sum up the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. She visits the remains of the Nazi Holocausts in Germany, and says, at the conclusion of one of them in Auschwitz: “To remember the crime, to name its perpetrators, to honor its victims and restore their dignity... This is our responsibility. And to be aware that this responsibility is at the core of our national identity.” Its clear doctrine was: Israel's security, for Germany, was "the state's interest." Her successor, Olaf Scholz, maintains this doctrine, declaring from Tel Aviv, days after the “Al-Aqsa Flood”: “Germany has only one place: to be at Israel’s side (...) Our own history, our responsibility in the Holocaust, oblige us “By ensuring Israel’s existence and security. This responsibility is our compass” (At the same time, Germany is the most generous European with the Syrians fleeing Bashar al-Assad. It receives a million and a half of them...).

A true and just peace will recognize the injustices of Palestinians and Jews alike

Thus, it is easy for us to deny the Holocaust and fall into anti-Semitism, not as Netanyahu presents it as an excuse for killing and destroying Palestinians, but from the perspective of the current moment, so it is difficult to acknowledge it. At this moment, it is difficult to imagine that your perpetrator was once a victim. This is a spiritual effort, sought by calm, reassured souls, exempt from the immediate horror of war and its scourges.

But also: Recognizing the Holocaust is a fundamental human act, which facilitates understanding the human transformation from perpetrator to victim. I mean that our history, as human beings, is full of victims who turned into executioners. The Jewish Holocaust, which had the greatest credit for establishing the State of Israel, provided full legitimacy for the transformation of the Jewish victim into the executioner... is only one of its stories. This recognition is the only way to stop the blackmail practiced by Israeli propaganda against any party that supports the Palestinians, regardless of its tone. Thanks to it, our imaginations navigate the depths of the suffering of others. This is an act that may happen after the end of the war and the start of negotiations, and at a later stage, during the work to establish a single democratic Palestinian Jewish state... Its day will come, no matter how late it is. At that time, we must say that the Jews were once victims. For Israel to respond that the Jews under its rule had turned into executioners, it would atone for its sin (An Israeli writer asks: How has the Nakba covered the Holocaust in the American media since October 7?)

A true and just peace will recognize the oppression of Palestinians and Jews alike. The first is new and the second is old. Otherwise, this peace will remain fleeting, falling, like the one before it, into the category of impossible peace and permanent wars... written on our foreheads.


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Jewish victimization in service of the Zionist executioners


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