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Like all tyrants, oppressors, despots, and colonialists, occupiers do not learn from the lessons of history. Near and far, until the ax falls on the head, and the transgressor circles around in circles, and he gets lost in the quicksand, before he suddenly discovers that all roads are closed, and there are no safe exits, after he fell between the anvil and the hammer; The anvil of costly losses, and the hammer of struggling peoples, knocking on the door of their freedom with their bleeding wounds and the pain of their suffering.

Free peoples are not defeated, because their lands fight with them, while the occupiers drown in the fiery sands, possessed by the lust for murder, desires for revenge, and dreams of expansion and control, like a gambling addict who continues to lose after loss. He chases the mirage, thinking it is water before he discovers the shocking truth, and stops being arrogant that leaving, and only leaving, is the solution to getting out of the mud.


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Brief Talk


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