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Palestine and Israel... from the Jewish Holocaust to the Palestinian Holocaust

A few days ago, the Jews and those who support them commemorated the Holocaust, and these days the Palestinians remember the first Nakba in 1948, and these are the same days in which the Jews celebrate what they consider to be the anniversary of the War of Independence, and all of this coincides with the war of extermination that Israel is waging against the Palestinian people, with the angry international reactions it has provoked. Although it began at the level of public opinion and student movements, it is likely to influence the positions and policies of countries and international organizations that have already begun to change their policies towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and in this context comes the International Criminal Court’s move to indict Israel’s leaders as war criminals.

So far, the International Criminal Court has not issued an arrest warrant against the occupation leaders, and even if follow-up warrants were issued, their fate might be the same as the warrant issued against former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on March 4, 2009, who still lives in Sudan and even those who turned against him did not. They hand him over to the criminal court, and the court’s warrant for the arrest of Russian President Putin in March 2023 was not implemented.

The reason for the occupation leaders' anger is not fear of arrest and trial, because they know that Washington will protect them from prosecution and may prevent the issuance of the decision. The Zionists’ fear of exposing themselves and their state as war criminals and practitioners of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the people of Palestine, as they recall what happened after the war of extermination carried out by the Nazis against the Jews during the years of World War II, when the Nazi leaders were tried before the Nuremberg Tribunal immediately after the war?

The court merely examined the cases filed against the leaders of the occupation as war criminals and practitioners of the crime of genocide and ethnic cleansing, in conjunction with the demonstrations that are spreading in American and Western universities, shifts in global public opinion against the entity state, and progress in the file of recognizing Palestine as a state in the United Nations. All of this exposes Israel and the Zionist movement and undermines their narrative that they are a peaceful, democratic, civilized people, while others threaten their existence. Likewise, the court’s decision or subpoena, if issued, will demolish the discourse of historical oppression that they promote, that they alone have been subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing in contemporary history, and we pause here.
After the war of extermination (the Holocaust) carried out by Nazi Germany against the Jews, and despite the exaggeration of the numbers of victims, the Zionist movement, with the support of countries and international public opinion that denounced the Holocaust and sympathized with the Jews, was able to establish a state for themselves nearly a decade after the beginning of the Holocaust.

It is true that Germany's defeat in the war, the transformation in the international system after the collapse of the League of Nations and the founding of the United Nations in 1945, the British occupation of Palestine and its commitment to implementing the Balfour Declaration, and the Arab regimes' conspiracy against the people of Palestine in the farce of the 1948 war, all played a role in the speed of the establishment of this entity. But the unity of position and clarity of purpose among the Jews, and the Zionist movement’s exploitation of the Holocaust or the oppression that befell them, without exaggeration in talking about heroics despite the presence of armed Jewish groups that fought the Nazis in Germany and in the European countries that were occupied, all of that was important in reaching this result.

Will we witness the establishment of a Palestinian state soon after the war of extermination waged by the Jews, victims of the first war of extermination against the Palestinians?

We know that our time is not that time, and the international balance of power is not what it was after World War II. In order not to rely on exaggerated optimism based on reason and reality, we must stop at the following matters:

1- The fear is that the Criminal Court will issue convictions and summons for Palestinian resistance leaders. If this happens, it will be a dangerous precedent because their conviction will be a condemnation of the right to resistance, which is a right granted by all religious and statutory laws to peoples subject to occupation.

2- There are fears that Islamist groups will ride the wave of demonstrations and popular movements, as they did during the so-called (Arab Spring) and the spread of chaos and civil war that led to it. American and European societies are not Arab and Islamic societies in terms of accepting Islamism.

3- The shifts in public opinion and student demonstrations come as a denunciation of the crimes of the occupation and sympathy and support for the justice of the Palestinian cause and not bias and support for a specific party or support for the Hamas movement.

4- We must not exaggerate in betting on shifts in public opinion, despite their importance because their ability to influence government policy requires a long time. In contrast, we must focus on revitalizing the national situation and changing the positions of the peoples and Arab countries, especially the normalization of relations with Israel. It is not reasonable for the peoples to move. In the West to support Palestine, while there is a state of death in the Arab region.

5- Whether it is related to the procedures of the Criminal Court or the student demonstrations and shifts in public opinion, despite their importance, they are linked to the continuation of the war of extermination. However, in the event of a truce and long-term political understandings being reached, the Criminal Court may withdraw from its procedures or postpone them at the request and pressure of the United States, under the pretext that Any court decision against the occupation leaders may affect the negotiations to stop the war and push Israel to withdraw from the deal.

6- Even without stopping the war, all these transformations in public opinion may decline, if a national incubator is not found to build upon to ensure their continuity, and the Palestinian division will be the greatest danger threatening this achievement.

7- The establishment of the State of Israel and the Nakba of the Palestinian people was not only the result of General Assembly Resolution No. 194 to partition Palestine and establish a Jewish state, but also the result of fabricating a war coordinated between Britain and the Arab governments, through which they were able to displace the majority of the Palestinian people and seize 78% of the area of Palestine instead of 55%, as stipulated in the partition resolution, and this is a message to the PLO that the mere issuance of a UN resolution recognizing a Palestinian state will not lead to the establishment of an actual and realistic state. Rather, the matter requires changing the balance of power or at least a national unity and strategy, which is what has been missing so far.

Finally, the current war of extermination is merely a round of war and conflict that has extended for more than 75 years, and it is the most dangerous stage of the conflict. It will either lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state or lead to the end of the contemporary national liberation project and the political class with all its components, but in all cases it will not lead to the end of the Palestinian cause. Which imposed itself globally, because it is a just cause, and the cause of a people who did not surrender despite all the conspiracies and misfortunes that befell them.
The reason for the occupation leaders' anger is not fear of arrest and trial, because they know that Washington will protect them from prosecution and may prevent the issuance of the decision. The Zionists fear that they and their state will be exposed as war criminals and practitioners of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the people of Palestine.


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