Thu 26 Oct 2023 4:53 pm - Jerusalem Time

After the Cairo Peace Summit, 9 Arab countries issue a joint statement

On Thursday, the foreign ministers of the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and Morocco issued a statement, following the “Cairo Peace Summit” held in Cairo on October 21.

The joint statement included the following elements: Condemning and rejecting the targeting of civilians, all acts of violence and terrorism against them, and all violations and transgressions of international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, by any party, including targeting civilian infrastructure and facilities. Condemning individual or forced displacement. collective, as well as the policy of collective punishment.

Emphasizing the rejection in this context of any attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause at the expense of the Palestinian people and the peoples of the countries of the region, or to displace the Palestinian people outside their land in any way, as it is a grave violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime.

Emphasizing the necessity of committing to work to ensure full respect for the Geneva Conventions of 1949, including with regard to the responsibilities of the occupying power, and also the importance of the immediate release of hostages and civilian detainees, and ensuring that they are provided with safe, dignified and humane treatment consistent with international law, while emphasizing the role of the Committee International Red Cross in this regard.

Emphasizing that the right to self-defense guaranteed by the United Nations Charter does not justify flagrant violations of international law and international humanitarian law, or the deliberate neglect of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to self-determination, and ending the occupation that has continued for decades.

Demanding the Security Council to oblige the parties to an immediate and sustainable ceasefire.

Emphasizing that failure to describe flagrant violations of international humanitarian law amounts to giving the green light for the continuation of these practices and complicity in their commission.


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After the Cairo Peace Summit, 9 Arab countries issue a joint statement