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President Abbas messages to world at 78th session of UN General Assembly

President Abu Mazen’s speech at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly was not a traditional speech based on constructive or philosophical expressions, and it is not a showy speech because it is devoid of linguistic and political showmanship. The President’s speech was focused and comprehensive through which he was able to present the Palestinian concern and suffering due to the Zionist occupation. Its extremist settlement and the daily crimes committed by this occupation are before the eyes of the entire world. The President focused on all the rights approved and recognized by international law, starting with the international protection of our people, passing through the right of return and compensation, the right to recognize us as a state under occupation, and ending with the rights of self-determination, holding the occupation responsible for all crimes committed against the Palestinian people and their sanctities, and trying to implement the occupation’s plan to change the historical situation. He also held the world fully responsible for his failure to intervene justly to end this long occupation, and wondered why international standards differed when dealing with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and thus dealing with Israel as an occupation, settlement and apartheid state. It is clearly defined and has many evidences and proofs. The world asked: Why is the Israeli occupation state treated as a state above the law? Why is Israel not yet subject to any international accountability or responsibility? .

Al-Raisi began his speech with an important message addressed to several parties, the most important of which are Israel and the United States of America. He said, “The most important person is who thinks that peace can be achieved without the Palestinians obtaining their full rights.” Al-Raisi did not want to allude more than that to the issue of “reverse peace” that Netanyahu and the United States are trying to achieve. The United States can achieve it through normalization agreements with many Arab countries. Therefore, the new Middle East whose map is drawn by the United States and Israel will not force the Palestinians to give up their identity and political rights, the first of which is their right to an independent, fully sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital. Therefore, all steps to make an imaginary peace cannot be achieved. To force the Palestinians to accept joining the normalization train and accept economic solutions within the framework of the Arab-Israeli peace agreements without the Palestinians achieving complete independence or obtaining a fully sovereign state geographically contiguous with the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza. This is also a clear message addressed to the (Joe Biden) administration, which is trying to conclude normalization agreements with Saudi Arabia by offering some concessions, as they call them, to the Palestinians without putting forward real peace initiatives based on the principle of the two-state solution, so that it is unable to take measures through which it can restrain the government. The extremism led by Netanyahu by stopping the plan to resolve the conflict through settlement and annexation as a plan that does not leave the Palestinians any political rights that they can speak about in the future.

The President alerted the world to the danger of turning the conflict into a religious one by committing more crimes against Palestinian civilians and desecrating Islamic and Christian sanctities. He called on the world and international community organizations, led by the United Nations, to provide protection for the Palestinian people who suffer from the scourge of occupation and face alone all the crimes of racial discrimination and deprivation from performing their religious rituals in His sanctities freely and without provocation, and here he called on the international community to assume its responsibilities in preserving the historical situation in Jerusalem, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, and called on the United Nations to take deterrent measures against the occupying state until it responds to the resolutions of international legitimacy, and strongly criticized the United Nations’ inability to Implement even one resolution out of a thousand issued regarding the conflict with the Israeli occupation, all of which support Palestinian rights and demand an end to this occupation and grant the Palestinians the rights of self-determination.

The International Peace Conference was one of the President’s most important directions to the United Nations and the General Assembly, as it is the safest path to accelerating the achievement of international justice towards the rights of our people, provided that all countries concerned with achieving peace in the Middle East participate in it. The President called on Mr. (Antonio Guterres), Secretary-General of the United Nations General Assembly The United Nations should make urgent arrangements to hold this conference as a last opportunity to save the international solution. The President also called on the United Nations General Assembly and the member states to grant Palestine full membership in the United Nations. He wondered why some countries that recognize Israel do not recognize Palestine as a state. The President was astonished at the world’s insistence on dealing with double standards. The standards are especially related to the Palestinian issue and the Israeli occupation. The world also asked why Israel is not held accountable for the crimes it commits against the Palestinians and the occupying state is treated as a state above the law. The President reiterated that Britain and America are held responsible for all those crimes that were committed in the past and are still being committed because of their role in making (the Balfour Declaration) and implementing it on the ground. He called on them to confess, apologize, make amends, and provide compensation in accordance with international law to the Palestinian people.

The President sent a clear message to the Israeli people and their government that their occupation of the Palestinian land will not last, regardless of their racist ambitions, policies, and plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the great Jewish project in a purely Hebrew Jewish state without the Palestinians enjoying any political rights. The President said it clearly, “The Palestinian people will remain on their land, which they have inhabited for thousands of years, generation after generation, and will not leave.” This means that all the criminal occupation measures will not undermine the steadfastness of our people on their land, and will not discourage them from resisting the occupation, especially resisting annexation and settlement projects, which are destined to fail and will not remain. Any of their settlements that they are trying to expand at the expense of the Palestinian land and cultivate it with a million settlers in the coming years because we, as Palestinians, are the owners of the land and we will resist this settlement with everything we have. President Abu Mazen sent a final and strong message to the international community with all its components that he must bear full responsibility for this hateful occupation and speed up enabling the Palestinians to Their legitimate rights and the implementation of all international and legitimate resolutions, the implementation of which will remain an international moral, ethical and legal right that falls on the responsibility of this organization to ensure security and stability in the Middle East region.
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President Abbas messages to world at 78th session of UN General Assembly


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