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A comprehensive discourse and an irresponsible international community

The speech that the President delivered before the United Nations General Assembly was, without a doubt, a comprehensive speech in which he informed the countries of the world of the suffering of our people from the occupation and its crimes that continue daily against our people, our land, and our sanctities. He pointed out that the conditions in the Palestinian territories have become unbearable due to the crimes of the occupation, represented by forces. Occupation and herds of settlers. The comprehensive and integrated speech placed the international community before its responsibilities to achieve justice and peace in the region, and also held the United Nations responsible for not implementing its decisions related to the Palestinian issue.

He warned against transforming the conflict in the region into a religious conflict, and held the occupying state responsible for that, especially since Netanyahu’s extremist government, steeped in racism and hostility toward the Palestinians, seeks through its practices to transform the political conflict into a religious conflict, which, if transformed, will burn everything green and dry, and its consequences will be disastrous not only for The region but also the whole world.

In light of the occupation crimes practiced and carried out by the occupation forces and herds of settlers, whether in terms of attacking holy sites, most notably Al-Aqsa Mosque, or in terms of settlement, Judaization, Israelization, turning the West Bank into ghettos, and increasing the numbers of settlers, the President called in his speech for the necessity of holding an international peace conference to protect the two-state solution. Even though the two-state solution became news, it was a result of the violations and crimes committed by the occupation in full view of the whole world, which did not take any action, but rather deals with double standards when it comes to Israel.

In exchange for attempts to make the international community forget the Nakba that befell our people in 1948, and to prevent the occupying state from commemorating its annual anniversary, the President called for the criminalization of denial of the Palestinian Nakba and the adoption of May 15 of each year as an international day to commemorate it and the memory of the victims of our people who were killed in massacres carried out by gangs. Zionism.
He sent a message to the Israelis, saying that the occupation does not last and that our people will obtain their rights, and that whoever thinks that peace can be achieved without our people obtaining their full national rights is delusional. Thus, the president responds to the leaders of the occupying state, led by Netanyahu, who believes that achieving normalization with the Arab countries Peace cannot be achieved without realizing the inalienable national rights of our people to return, self-determination, and establishing an independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.
This speech, which did not leave any detail or thing that he did not mention, even though the international community has not achieved our people’s rights, and does not implement its decisions regarding our people’s issue, is not responsible. However, reminding him of that and of our people’s insistence on continuing their national path is a must. Likewise, it In the face of this bitter international reality, national unity must be restored because it is the only way to confront the occupation and thwart its liquidation plans.


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A comprehensive discourse and an irresponsible international community


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