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Pioneering female prisoners

The number of Palestinian female prisoners in the occupation prisons increased to 37 after a four-year actual prison sentence was recently issued against activist Aya Al-Khatib from the 1948 territories and a fine of 25,000 shekels. She is married and a mother of two children. She was arrested in February 2020 and spent about two years thereafter. She was transferred from home detention to actual prison.

One of the most difficult cases among our female prisoners is the captive activist Israa Jaabis from Jerusalem, who suffers from severe deformities in her body as a result of her exposure to a serious fire after the occupation soldiers opened fire on her vehicle in 2015, which caused a gas cylinder to explode and she suffered burns to about 60% of her body.

The number of female prisoners who are mothers is 13, meaning that the suffering is double and more painful, which confirms the role of Palestinian women in defending the land, rights and future.

All respect, appreciation and love for these pioneering female prisoners and Palestinian women in general and their role in defending the homeland.

The United Nations is a voice without actions! The 87th session of the United Nations General Assembly began with the participation of a number of world leaders, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, US President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Tomorrow, Abu Mazen is scheduled to deliver a comprehensive speech on the Palestinian issue, the Israeli occupation, and the importance of the world moving seriously to stop Israeli practices and find a solution to the long-lasting Arab-Israeli conflict, during which Israel continues to control the Palestinian territories by all possible means and work as much as it can to displace the largest number of citizens. Palestinians.

As is known, this United Nations has held dozens of meetings and taken many decisions over the past many years, but all of these decisions remained a dead letter and none of them were implemented. Therefore, they have become a voice echoed by many world leaders without any field or practical results. .

However, the only role of this international institution, and the strong voice that echoes in its hall, is that each party can say what it wants and everyone will hear it, and the picture becomes clearer for those who do not know yet, of the occupation’s criminal practices against our land and our people and its devouring of the land over the years since 1948 through In the world from 1967 until today.

The United Nations is an institution of voice and words, not deeds. The voice of the strong will remain heard and the voice of the weak will remain virtually banned.


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Pioneering female prisoners


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