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Tomorrow... crying on the lover's chest

There is a political term that the oppressed often use as a refuge, even though they are certain of its futility. It is called “the international community.”

The highest platform for this term is the United Nations, and the tool for emptying and marginalizing its decisions is the Security Council, which stands as an impenetrable dam that is impossible to penetrate, if an issue pertaining to the Palestinians is presented to it, and criticizing or condemning Israel. It has even been said that the right of veto, which the great powers enjoy to object to any An international resolution, employed by the United States to prevent decisions in favor of the Palestinians. It was also said that the “invalid” General Assembly is the Palestinians’ share in the “international community” and the Security Council’s veto is Israel’s share, and there is a difference between the two shares in terms of influence and effectiveness.

Tomorrow... President Mahmoud Abbas will stand at the podium, and I do not know whether the number of attendees this time will be affected by the turmoil that arose around his last speech with what was described by Israel and the West as “Holocaust denial,” even though that is not the case at all...

Or will the traditional sympathizers with Palestinian rights get over the matter, fill the seats, and interact? This is something we will confirm when the session is broadcast on screens, including our official screen.

Returning to the title, and my choice of it was dictated by the many annual speeches that President Abbas delivered from that podium, all of which, in form and content, amounted to a repeated acknowledgment and complaint of the inability of the “international community” to provide the Palestinians with the support they need, giving them one centimeter, towards achieving their originally approved demands. From the United Nations. Who can forget the word “protect us” that was said in last year’s speech, and with different vocabulary that conveys the same meaning, it was said in all previous speeches. It will likely be repeated in subsequent speeches, as long as President Abbas will deliver the Palestine speech in the coming years.

Those sitting on the seats in the historic hall of the United Nations General Assembly are not affected by the sympathy, no matter how eloquent it may seem, and they do not determine their practical positions on the basis of the truth that Abbas pronounces, or the falsehood that Israel imposes. If that were the case, we would have ended the file well since the first speech he delivered. Arafat, who was famous for a phrase that is still in circulation... “I came to you with the rebel’s rifle in one hand, and an olive branch in the other, so do not drop the green branch from my hand.”

Arafat was applauded standing at that time, not only because of the distinctive eloquence with which he formulated the speech, in whose ideas and even in the choice of his sentences and vocabulary, the most important Palestinian and Arab intellectuals participated, but because he relied at that time on an Arab wall supporting every word in it, and a strong Palestinian wall militarily, politically, and culturally, embodied by an organization. Liberation. It was also very significant that the one who accompanied Arafat to the United Nations was Lebanese President Suleiman Franjieh.

Speech at all times, although linguistic eloquence is necessary to bring it into the hearts along with the minds, is the result of the power possessed by the one who delivers it. Sympathizers know everything about the Palestinian situation, and do not wait for someone to tell them that the Palestinian people need such-and-such and such-and-such... and that injustice Fall on it, so raise it. They know everything and know what it means for the Palestinian to be alone among all the peoples of the earth, without a state, without a political identity, without human dignity, and without a life that matches the lowest standards of life for people anywhere on the face of the earth.

They do not know this due to information that was hidden from them, and we have clarified it. In this era, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, which is witnessing the peak of progress in means of communication and obtaining information from its sources, we live in a world that weighs its positions on the scales of interests and not on the scales of controversy and legality, and according to these scales you must You expect what your weight gives you first, not what those who hear you compliment you on.

The United Nations, the General Assembly, and the institutions emanating from it, including the Criminal Court and others, are merely structures that do not issue their rulings and decisions based on the laws in their hands, but rather due to the influence capabilities of the oppressors and the oppressed.

We are in a time in which justice has no weight, but all weight is given to interests and the power that protects them, and the question that is always asked of the Palestinians is what they should do to help others support them.

The Palestinians have a lot if they use it well, and the matter is not counted in planes, tanks, and billions, but rather in the ability to employ latent energies, most of which, unfortunately, is idle and wasted.

We have millions of people on their land, and Israel does not have the ability to swallow and digest them, and we have deep and broad ties with the peoples, which have not been damaged, neither by the Abraham Accords, nor by any old or new normalization.

We have young men and women filling the country with secondary and university diplomas in their hands, with the highest percentage of learners and graduates in the world.

We have a cultural spread in every place where Palestinians were forced to take refuge... And read what the late Talal Salman wrote about them since the Nakba, and what geniuses their generation produced in all fields and fields.

The Palestinian situation is, in its essence, a rich state that deserves respect and admiration, if viewed from the perspective of civilizational qualifications. However, it raises black dust if viewed from the perspective of the political class, and that day must come when the dust settles and the positive civilizational scene stabilizes on its facts. The world has come to the realization that this people must obtain their rights.


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Tomorrow... crying on the lover's chest


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