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Without frills, the captive Walid is a subtlety of awareness that is difficult to melt

In the conclusion of his exceptional study on (melting consciousness or redefining torture), as he called it, he proves the accuracy of what indicates the ambition of the Zionists to control the prisoners by formulating / melting their consciousness, as he quotes Yaakov Gnoot, director of the Prison Service at the time, what he said to Gideon Ezra, Minister of Internal Security in the year 2006 And in the hearing of the prisoners when he visited Gilboa prison: (Rest assured...you have to be confident that I will make them (the prisoners) raise the Israeli flag and chant the Tikva).

Genot or the intelligence officers in prisons may have read Michel Foucault or Zygmunt Baumen and other social theorists, and learned about the methodologies of control, domination, and control of individuals and groups. The results, in general, contradict their calculations. The prisoners did not sing the Tikva (the Zionist anthem), nor did they raise the Zionist flag. On the contrary, since 2006, their collective and individual struggles have escalated to record levels.

As usual, life does not proceed according to the rulers of academic researchers and the analyzes of those working in the intelligence services. What they are unable to comprehend, and what they fail to measure (the methodological measurement tools) that are sacred to them, is the will armed with a deep-rooted ideological awareness. Nevertheless, credibility requires acknowledging their achievement of certain and serious successes, especially in nurturing the phenomenon of retreat in the unified struggle in the captive movement, which led to the disintegration of some of its joints, through the creation and development of the kapo system, which was dealt with carefully in his study and did not neglect it. Yet their collective and individual struggles continue, deepen and increase. That is the overriding positive outlook.
Walid Daqqa in his steadfastness over the course of 37 years in captivity, his intellectual activity, scientifically sober, exposing the policies of the Prisons Directorate, his meaningful literary writings directed at young people, and his defiance of his deadly disease with tenacity and a human spirit that embraces the humanity of his wife, Sana, and his daughter, Milad, constituted a model of that deep-rooted national ideological awareness. Even his marriage in captivity and the birth of a birth in this way is symbolic. Whoever wagered that the prisoner would chant (the tikfa) and raise the flag of the Zionists, here he is associated with the companion of Shabak al-Ziyara for many years while he was a prisoner, and he gives birth with smuggled semen in insistence, like others, on living the humanity of childbearing and caressing the child despite the nose of the Zionists and despite the restrictions of the visit.

The struggling prisoner does not need to prove his humanity, for that is a foregone conclusion. Rather, he is the one who deserves to live it. The Zionist jailer is the one who lacks his humanity in exchange for the humanity of the prisoner fighter. Walid not only confirmed his humanity, but confirmed that his consciousness was not fused, just as the awareness of thousands of imprisoned militants did not fuse, but rather he exposed the policy of smelting consciousness that targets the prisoners.

During all stages of Walid’s life in captivity, he did not stop playing his leadership role in the captive movement, and I was honored to have experienced this role in Ashkelon prison in the year 97, and from the position of the conscious fighter of his patriotic role within the captivity, he separated by this behavior from a handful (leaders) who chose to play the role of capo . Walid did not stop producing sober knowledge, literary writing for young people, and building fraternal and comradely relationships witnessed by the multitudes of those who lived with him in captivity.

That is the awareness that cannot be melted, that is, if you will, it is also the awareness that is the limit of myth according to the poetic expression of Muzaffar al-Nawab. Walid in confronting the policy of daily killing, as the martyrs Nasser Abu Hamid and Khader Adnan and those who preceded them faced it, and (daily killing) is a real expression, not a metaphor, confirming that the aspirations of the Zionist jailer to melt the prisoners’ awareness in general are pipe dreams, and Walid Daqqa is only a model of awareness that cannot be melted.


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Without frills, the captive Walid is a subtlety of awareness that is difficult to melt


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