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On the authority of Al-Mogheer, Jalud, Turmusaya and her sisters

One does not know, even those specialists and those of us who follow the most, which episodes of the comprehensive Israeli attack on the Palestinians are the most dangerous: are they the daily violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the temporal and spatial division scheme? Or field killings and daily assassinations, or repeated wars on the Gaza Strip, one round of which does not end until the next round begins? Or the continuous pressure on the authority financially and security to reduce its role to a mere security agent and a barrier between the occupying state and the Palestinian people, or is it the unbridled attack by settlers supported by the occupation army on Palestinian villages and their lands, as is happening now in the villages of Al-Mughayyir, Jalud, Qaryut and Turmusaya? However, it is proven that these and other episodes are interrelated and complementary, and they are led by the government of the fascist extreme right, with the participation of all the institutions and tools of the occupying state, including the army, settlers, civil government agencies, the media, and even the judiciary. Even the opposition that presents itself to its audience and to the world as democratic and liberal forces keen on the rule of law colluding with the fascist government, supporting them and covering their attacks in everything related to the attack on the Palestinian people, so Gantz, Lapid, Sa’ar and other poles of the change government spend their unconditional support for their government even when it commits Described war crimes, as happened in the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

And if we have become accustomed to certain patterns of these attacks, such as assassinations and daily storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, now there is what represents a new and distinct addition to the arsenal of war and aggression, which is the level reached by the settlers’ attacks in terms of organization, planning and continuity, confirming that their attacks are not just fleeting and sporadic incidents, as some thought when the Holocaust occurred. Hawara in late February, nor is it linked to the limited ambitions of some settlers who innovate every day new colors for settlement, the latest of which is the so-called "pastoral settlement". in this scheme.

Legislating the return to “Homesh” and the rest of the settlements of Jenin by the government and parliament (the Knesset), then preparing to annex the natural reserves in the West Bank, whose area reaches one million dunums, or about 17% of the total area of the West Bank, and attempts to displace the residents of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar and what happened and is happening In Masafer Yatta and south of Hebron in general, and the occupation forces hastily demolished any facility or facility of normal life in areas classified (C) from health clinics, schools, livestock pens, and even water collection wells, and even worse, organizing brutal attacks on the population, from arbitrary closure of roads to intimidation Workers, farmers, and school students, burning agricultural crops and property, and poisoning drinking sources, all of this confirms the existence of a scheme aimed at making the lives of Palestinians in Areas C and even some areas classified B and A unbearable, and in the absence of official forms of support. Due to the steadfastness and survival of the people, some citizens are forced to prefer saving themselves, their children, and their lives, and voluntarily leaving their villages and lands, as happened to dozens of residents of the Ain Samia region and some Bedouin communities between Jerusalem and Jericho.

Currently, this criminal settlement scheme is concentrated in the villages extending to the east of the main road between Ramallah and Nablus, and includes the villages of Al-Mughayyir, Jalud, Qaryut, Turmusaya, Duma, and Qusra, all the way to Beita. Minister Ziad Abu Ein in Turmusaya.

It is not necessary to search for special or exceptional details of any Palestinian region to explain its targeting. All Palestinian lands are targeted for two major reasons, namely the elimination of any future opportunity for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and thus cramming the Palestinians into their current places of residence within the borders of major cities and towns without any national and sovereign rights at all. The land, and the second reason is the economic, geographical and strategic advantages that any particular area gains. Here we can notice that the area that we are talking about, which extends between Ramallah and Nablus, constitutes a link between the Jordan Valley and the interior occupied in 1948, and between the north, center and south of the West Bank, and its isolation and control over it It enables the occupiers to fragment the West Bank and fragment it into fragmented ghettos, each part of which can be controlled by simply erecting a military checkpoint or gate.

The people are waging heroic struggles against this targeting for their presence. Suffice it to note that the village of Al-Mughayyir alone offered several martyrs of its finest sons and daughters during the recent years during the confrontations with the army and settlers. Likewise, a house and the neighborhood provided ten martyrs during the activities of defending the village and Jabal Sabih, which formed a distinguished model in Patterns of popular resistance, but what is unfortunate in all of this is that the activities to confront the settlements are seasonal and intermittent activities, and take place in the manner of exceptional donations and have not yet turned into a sustainable model for confrontation, which is a goal that cannot succeed without providing all forms of official support, not only for the demonstrators and those involved in the activities Rather, for the conditions of life in these targeted villages by supporting the ability of the population to enjoy a decent and safe life, and supporting their rights to health, education, social care, roads, water supplies, electricity, communications, good services, and job opportunities. them and their families.

The battles to defend the targeted lands in many areas are almost limited to the owners of the threatened lands, who sometimes incur exorbitant expenses to complete their legal transactions such as proving their ownership of the lands and hiring lawyers, in addition to their need to devote themselves to such battles.

The battle to defend the threatened lands is the battle of all Palestinians for their future, their state, and their right to self-determination, and this should find its practical and daily translation in the programs and plans of the authority, as well as the programs of political forces and civil institutions and their practical, not just verbal, struggle against the occupation.


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On the authority of Al-Mogheer, Jalud, Turmusaya and her sisters