Sun 28 May 2023 10:33 am - Jerusalem Time

Protect us... protect us... from the arrogance and violence of the settlers

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba, which was revived a few days ago on the fifteenth of last May, and on the eve of the fifty-sixth anniversary of the setback in 1967 and the occupation of the rest of Palestine on the fifth of June 1967, whose anniversary will be next month, our people are still facing a fierce war that has been going on for a year 1948, in different forms, but with one goal: obliterating his national and political identity, circumventing him, scattering his existence, uprooting him, and expelling him from his homeland.

Our people are subjected to a fierce attack by settlers, which was the basis for the establishment of Israel on its land, and continues to be represented in the continuation of settlement expansion and the misery of the lives of the Palestinians, and the attempt to spread fear and terror in their souls through systematic attacks against them, as happened in Hawara and Cyrenaica recently, and in the continued burning of their cars or Throwing stones at them, setting up obstacles and settlement barriers on the roads, acts of arrogance, assaulting property, leveling lands, stealing agricultural crops by force or under cover of darkness, and uprooting or burning fruit trees, in front of the eyes of the occupation army that provides them with security and protection.

Settler violence and arrogance
For example, but not limited to, the settlers recently burned five vehicles and 270 bales of hay in the village of Al-Mughayyir, northeast of Ramallah, which has been besieged and closed for entry or exit for 14 days. They also attacked farmers from the town of Sinjil on the road between Ramallah and Nablus. They prevented them from working on their agricultural lands, and they also opened fire on cars traveling between the town of Qasra and the village of Jalud in the Nablus region.

Not to mention the daily attacks against citizens in the north and center of the West Bank, the Jordan Valley, and the villages of Mount Hebron, especially in Masafer Yatta, where the occupation authorities seek to expel about 1100 Palestinian citizens and their livestock from their lands and homes. The daily attacks of settlers against Palestinian villages and population centers forced 78 Bedouin families in Ain Samia to leave her to escape from settler attacks, which were attacking them on an almost daily basis, and preparations are underway to demolish the school that the European Union provided to their children, in order to complete the fierce attack launched by the occupation against Palestinian schools, where the school of Jab Al-Dib in the Hebron area was demolished, and preparations are underway to demolish the school of Khashm Al-Dam in the area Hebron, in addition to 57 other schools threatened with demolition in different parts of the occupied territories.

The terrorist goal of these attacks is to seize more lands and allocate them for settlement, and close the pastures to Palestinian farmers who live on raising livestock, as is the case in Masafer Yatta, and allocate these pastures for pastoral settlement that enjoys government support, and displace Bedouin communities, as is the case with the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar. Which includes more than 48 Bedouin families threatened with deportation at any moment. It is also expected today that this government will issue decisions to seize more than half a million dunums of land in the West Bank, which were classified in the past as reserves and nature conservation areas, and will be allocated for settlement.

We are facing an extremist, racist government that supports the use of force against the Palestinians to deport them and seize their lands and property, and allocates hundreds of millions of shekels for that goal to expand existing settlements, legitimize and expand existing outposts, and issue racist laws to seize private lands owned by Palestinians and put them in the service of settlements and settlers, and works to add half One million new settlers in the West Bank to the seven hundred thousand settlers who are currently in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

There is no doubt that the existence of this extremist government is a deterrent and encouragement for the settlers to practice criminal violence against the unarmed Palestinians to terrorize them and make their lives an unbearable hell in the hope that this will lead to forcing them to leave their lands and homes and leave them as a continuation of the Nakba of 1948.

Our options to confront violence and bullying
In the face of this ferocious terrorist attack, we have three options. The first is submission, surrender and departure to exile. The second is to gather our strength and mobilize all our energies to defend ourselves against this racist madness and continue to live in a state of fear and anticipation for fear of the settlers, and the third option is not to stop at the limit of self-defense, but to take the initiative and transfer the state of fear and anticipation to the court of the other party.

It is certain that our people, who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs, wounded and prisoners over a period of more than a century and did not surrender, and remained steadfast and a thorn in the throat of their enemies, will not be their first choice. He is left with the second and third options: either he lives on the tip of the spear and is motivated in light of the constant fear of settler attacks in his own backyard or when traveling on the roads and stands ready to defend himself if he is attacked, or he takes the initiative and transfers fear and terror to their court to defeat Their presence on his land leads to a state of constant panic, anxiety and fear.

President Mahmoud Abbas a few weeks ago stood on the podium of the United Nations General Assembly and addressed the conscience of the world by saying: "Protect us... Protect us..." The rest of the speech is known to all.

And if some have turned that call emanating from the depth of the Palestinian wound, which yearns for security based on justice and peace, into a material for ridicule and ridicule, which was circulated on social media on a large scale, with despair at times and gloating at times, then it can be seen as the last cry of warning before it runs out. The Palestinian is patient and finally loses his confidence in the justice of the international community, its institutions and organizations, and goes back to the beginning of his struggle, telling the world that he is a hypocritical prostitute who applies double standards and respects only the strong, and that he is the one who dropped the olive branch from the hand of the Palestinian and restored him to the legitimacy of using the gun.


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Protect us... protect us... from the arrogance and violence of the settlers


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