Tue 23 May 2023 7:11 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli planes drop leaflets in southern Lebanon warning of breaching the border line

Today (Tuesday), Israeli planes dropped leaflets on the border areas of southern Lebanon with Israel, warning of violating the border line, according to sources in the Lebanese army, security forces and eyewitnesses to Xinhua.

The sources added that hundreds of leaflets were found in the border areas in eastern south Lebanon, especially in the area extending from the Kfar Shuba Hills in the west to the Shebaa Heights in the east.

The leaflets carried a phrase written in red and black, "Think before you act. Your breach of the borders and your activity endangers the situation and may lead to your injury. Follow the legal rule that warding off evil takes precedence over bringing good." .

The same sources told Xinhua that Israeli helicopters, in addition to marches, flew today in successive sorties over the border line of the Shebaa Farms and the Kfar Shuba and Ghajar hills in eastern southern Lebanon, dropping leaflets from a medium height.
It indicated that the Lebanese side handed copies of the publications to the United Nations forces operating in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The Lebanese Hezbollah conducted a maneuver last Sunday under the title (We will pass) in one of its camps in southern Lebanon outside the area of UNIFIL forces' operations, during which it simulated the process of storming a cement wall similar to a concrete border wall that was built by Israel at some border points with Lebanon, followed by the attack on a military center in the area Similar to an Israeli settlement.


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Israeli planes drop leaflets in southern Lebanon warning of breaching the border line