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The symbolism of the United Nations General Assembly commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nakba

At a time when the occupying state is trying to legitimize the Zionist occupation of Palestine and finish off the rest of the Palestinian land through colonialism and its legitimacy, as if it has the right to practice occupation and colonization, expel the Palestinians from their land, confiscate it, Judaize the sanctities, change its Arab-Palestinian-Islamic character, change the Christian character of all Christian sanctities and impose Israeli sovereignty over them. And at a time when the occupying power believes that the silence of the world is an authorization for it to change the map of the conflict and go against any real peace process that leads to achieving comprehensive security and stability in the Arab region and replacing real peace with the Palestinians with a false peace under the name of normalization and ending the conflict with some Arab and Islamic countries.

And at a time when the occupying state believes that the world has forgotten its crimes and all its massacres against the Palestinians since before the Nakba, May 15, 1948 until now, and the world has forgotten those international resolutions that consider the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land null and void and violate international humanitarian law and all human rights charters and treaties. And in contravention of all international laws in addition to the Fourth Geneva Convention , the General Assembly of the United Nations is preparing for a great and historic event in favor of Palestine and the justice of the cause of the Palestinian people in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the Nakba .

Last November, the United Nations General Assembly voted on four pivotal decisions for Palestine, and the fifth is related to the occupied Syrian Golan. One of these decisions came with the vote of the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba in the United Nations General Assembly on the 75th anniversary of the fifteenth of May, and publish the archives and Testimonies related to this event, to be the first major and unprecedented international event in the world to be revived in the United Nations General Assembly, which is an international event in which many member states of the United Nations participate, confirming the justice of the Palestinian cause and the legality of the Palestinian national struggle in all its forms defined by international law and in zat Time is a message to the occupier who committed the crime of the Nakba and the displacement of thousands of Palestinians that his crime does not die and does not fade away by statute of limitations and the world has not forgotten it no matter how much the occupying state tried to portray itself as a victim, but this does not deceive many countries of the world that still believe in the Palestinian right and the importance of ending the occupation as a basic rule for any Stability in the Middle East and believes that the Palestinians have the right to resist the brutal Israeli occupation, which persists in violating all international laws and laws stage by stage and persists in committing crimes against Palestinian civilians, their land, their heritage, and their Islamic and Christian sanctities.

Israel did not hide its annoyance with this issue and could not prevent the severity of its anger and its fight against this event and to ask its friends and allies in the United Nations to boycott the event, as the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent letters to many countries around the world asking them not to participate in the event. The world disrupted this event and tried to influence the Secretary-General of the United Nations to cancel it, so we noticed the stormy atmosphere that prevailed in the last session of the Security Council that was held to discuss the situation in Palestine at the request of Russia, the President of the Security Council for this month. Gilad Erdan, the ambassador of the occupying Power to the United Nations, asked The United Nations postponed the session of the Security Council, which sits to discuss the situation in the occupied land, under the pretext that this coincides with the so-called Independence Day of the State of the Entity, and this was rejected by (Sergey Lavrov), the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and sharp arguments took place with Mr. Riyad Al-Maliki, the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the ambassador of the occupying state mentioned some names Israelis killed in commando operations came in response to the various crimes of the Israeli occupation, then he lit a candle on the occasion of the so-called Israeli Memorial Day and left the session.

The event of commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nakba in the General Assembly of the United Nations and the presence of (President Mahmoud Abbas) the President of the State of Palestine. The event and his important policy speech mean that the State of Palestine is a state that exists in the depth of the international system and has a large and important political presence, which requires broad international recognition of it as a state under occupation and what It calls for the world to correct its mistakes towards the Palestinians, recognize the right of the Palestinians to resist the brutal occupation, and requires a just solution to the conflict on the basis of ending the brutal occupation of the Palestinian land and establishing the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The displacement of thousands of refugees and the appropriation of their land must be at the forefront of the issues of resolving the conflict, such as the issue of Jerusalem, and that all international resolutions issued in this regard, the first of which is 194, must be implemented by returning the refugees to their land and compensating them for the years of pain, displacement and suffering in exile and isolation on the continents of the world. The issue of the conflict is in the forefront of international attention, despite many international events at this time, and this would keep the Palestinian issue and the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict alive and would restore international demands for the need to implement the decisions of international legitimacy, the most important of which are those decisions that were issued to nullify occupation and colonialism together.

This event means that the Palestinian issue and conflict issues impose themselves on the world at all times and at all times, and no matter how preoccupied the world is in many issues. All members of the United Nations with similar activities, and this also encourages the free world to hold accountable and prosecute the leaders of the occupation for all the crimes they committed against the Palestinians, and these crimes will not be forgotten by the statute of limitations. A generation in the camps is witnessing the crime so far.


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The symbolism of the United Nations General Assembly commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nakba


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