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After the resignations of Gantz and Eisenkot

Gantz and Eisenkot always bet on the winning horse, and they are major opportunists in politics, and when they joined the mini-war council, at the request of an American, along with Netanyahu and Gallant, they were keeping pace with the trends of Israeli public opinion. At the beginning of the war, 94% of Israeli public opinion was in favor of the destructive, retaliatory, and retaliatory war on the Gaza Strip, but after nine months of this war, in which neither the government nor the war council succeeded in achieving victory, neither on the war front, nor on the negotiating front, nor in restoring... Prisoners without negotiation, nor by eliminating the resistance with Hamas at its heart militarily, nor with Hamas as an authority and ruler, diving into the Gazan swamp and being burned by the fire of its sands, and public opinion whose support and support for the war declines to only 27%, and an army that pays more losses and collapses, and its morale declines and also declines. His motivation for war, and he showed signs of rebellion, to the point that one of the reserve soldiers, when he was called to return to military service in Rafah, preferred to commit suicide rather than return to fighting. Not only this incident, but it was preceded by dozens of cases of rebellion, and what is more dangerous than that is that the repercussions of the failure in the October 7 battle led to widespread resignations in the military establishment, not the last of which was the resignation of the commander of the Gaza Strip Division, Major General Avi Rosfeld, who said that his resignation came about due to his failure to ensure security and protection. For settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip. This was preceded by General Yehuda Fuchs, commander of the central region, which includes Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gush Dan region. There was also the resignation of the head of the internal military intelligence unit, “Aman,” General Aharon Halifa. Before them, the head of the Research Brigade Department in the Israeli army, General Amit Sager, also resigned. Four field brigades, and the “rosary” may reach Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy. Even General Gantz, who resigned from the War Council, apologized to the families of the prisoners, acknowledging the failure.

The pressures on the resistance and Hamas to accept the terms of the Israeli negotiation also did not bear fruit, despite the political, diplomatic and media campaign led by Biden, and the employment of intermediary Arab countries in the pressure process, to the point of the joint American-Israeli “Rambo raid” on the Nuseirat camp on the 8th of This month, in which more than a thousand soldiers, air, land and sea weapons, special forces, and all spy weapons participated, and what is known as the floating port, which was proposed to be established in order to bring humanitarian food and medical aid into the Gaza Strip, was used for the purpose of this operation by introducing “Israeli” special forces through it as relief trucks. And aid, and after all this mobilization, they were able to recover four prisoners alive and kill three others, including one who held American citizenship. This operation, which confirmed the American partnership in the aggression against the Palestinian people and that America is not a neutral and honest mediator, and that it does not seek to stop the aggression, but rather its participation in the process, came to tell the resistance that Israel and America have an option other than the option of negotiation to pressure the resistance and Hamas to Recovering the prisoners, as well as telling the Israeli public opinion that the position of Netanyahu and his partners on religious and nationalist Zionism is correct, and that military pressure is the way to recover the prisoners.

This option gave Hamas and the resistance greater legitimacy in rejecting any verbal texts in what is known as Biden’s proposal to end the state of war and the necessity of a comprehensive withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. This “invasion”, instead of leading to pressure on the resistance, increased its rigidity, as it will insist that the guarantees be in clear texts. It does not accept interpretation, and it will not accept either verbally or promises, and it will make this option an unrealistic option by recovering four prisoners and killing three others every nine months or perhaps more. The important thing is that the Israeli boat is sinking, and the opportunists Gantz and Eisenkot said, as the popular saying goes: “Catch a sinking boat by pushing it with your feet.” They jumped off the boat to keep pace with Israeli public opinion, but they do not have any alternative political vision. Rather, Gantz talks about a war that will last for years and “victory in it will be Expensive.”

Gantz and Eisenkot are neither less Zionist than Netanyahu nor extremist. In his resignation speech, Gantz called for the formation of a Zionist national unity government, far from Arab participation or even support from abroad, but the dispute centered around war priorities, and we found that Gantz, who issued a warning to Netanyahu, until the eighth From this month to draw up a political strategy related to the war on the Gaza Strip and how to get out of the war, he hesitated to leave and resign, after the Nuseirat camp operation, but in the end he found that there was no point in continuing this war council, as the boat was sinking, the losses were increasing, and the failure and impasse were deepening, and therefore he presented it. and his partner, Eisenkot, decided to resign, justifying this by saying that Netanyahu’s government was obstructing the making of crucial and strategic decisions that hindered the war plans, and they turned the slogan of unity into an emotional language that has no translation on the ground, and that Netanyahu’s political considerations overcame the crucial and strategic decisions, in terms of hesitation and lack of audacity, in returning the settlers. The North and working to establish a regional alliance against Iran in partnership with the official Arab normalization alliances.

It is worth mentioning that America did not want Gantz and Eizenkot to leave the war council, and it did not work to overthrow Netanyahu, but was involved in his political and military paths, and it was the one who extended him a lifeline in the “Rambo raid” on the Nuseirat camp, in order to polish his image. But America does not have a clear vision about the paths of war and negotiations.

Gantz and Eisenkot have reached the conviction that Netanyahu will not be able to win, neither through war nor through negotiations. If they had had the slightest conviction, they would not have left the council. Likewise, America has no vision for the day after Biden’s initiative, and Netanyahu has no vision for what comes after the “Nuseirat Battle.”

It is true that the exit of Gantz and Eisenkot will increase the activity and political presence of the Israeli opposition, and demands to dismiss Netanyahu and hold sixth early elections will expand. Netanyahu will face the dilemma of making fateful and strategic decisions, and he will find himself in a dilemma and international isolation if he includes Ben Gvir and Smotrich in the war council, and he will try to include The war council, the leader of “Israel Beytenu” Lieberman, and the leader of the “New Hope” party, Gideon Sa’ar, by luring Lieberman to the position of Minister of Defense, but Lieberman will not be encouraged to enter a government led by Netanyahu, and he calls for the formation of a Zionist government away from Ben Gvir and Smotrich, and there is no harmony. In the positions of the opposition, especially between the Lieberman-Lapid-Sa'ar alliance with Gantz, it will not be easy to overthrow Netanyahu's government, especially if no rebellion or defection appears in his government. He has 64 Knesset members that enable him to continue in this government until its end, but it may happen. It is surprising that the opposition succeeds in mobilizing large sectors, even threatening civil disobedience in order to dissolve the government and hold early elections, or that the issue of recruiting “Haredi” Jews plays a decisive role in overcomplicating the government, especially if Gallant votes in favor of recruiting them, but Netanyahu at this stage needs Gallant. He will seek to win him over, because the Haredi Jews from the Shas and United Torah Judaism movements, if conscription is approved, will withdraw from the government and overthrow it.

This withdrawal confirms that the opposite path that began after October 7 and brought the two ministers to the government and the war council has ended, whether popularly or politically in terms of the trends of public opinion that turned from supporting the war to opposing it and doubting the feasibility of its continuation, or negotiating and not trusting Netanyahu’s seriousness in reaching an exchange agreement. Prisoners, and that the government that represented a safe boat nine months ago has become a sinking boat, and whoever jumps from it early wins. The sources said that if the Americans or Netanyahu had any vision of how to save the scene from darkness and failure as the media promotes, we would have seen Gantz the first to respond to give this vision a chance.

The Israeli government witnessed a loud political explosion with the resignation of the war ministers, which will have major repercussions on the course of the war in Gaza.

Gantz and Eisenkot have reached the conviction that Netanyahu will not be able to win, neither through war nor through negotiations. If they had had the slightest conviction, they would not have left the council. Likewise, America has no vision for the day after Biden’s initiative, and Netanyahu has no vision for what comes after the “Nuseirat Battle.”


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After the resignations of Gantz and Eisenkot


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