Thu 30 May 2024 10:21 am - Jerusalem Time

Eizenkot...where were you?

Perhaps Gadi Eisenkot, a member of the Israeli war cabinet, was the least visible in front of the media since the beginning of the war, in contrast to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Galant, National Camp leader Benny Gantz, and Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy, whose media stations and platforms were busy with their statements, comments, and reactions. Eisenkot made very important and exciting statements yesterday after a long silence. We think it is important to ask: Where have you been, Eisenkot, all this time?

The senior Israeli official began his statements by saying that anyone who says that we will disband the Hamas brigades in Rafah and then return the kidnapped people is like someone who sows illusions, and that absolute victory is just a slogan, attacking Netanyahu, saying that he failed to achieve the four goals that he set for his current government upon its inauguration, which are “restraining the Iranian nuclear program.” “And seeking to achieve peace with Saudi Arabia, preserve the economy, reduce the cost of living, and restore security and governance (state authority).” He stressed that Netanyahu had failed in all of these goals “miserably.”

Eizenkot said that Israel needs 3-5 years to achieve stability and another years to form a new government. In contrast, he said that Hamas is an ideological organization, and if elections were held in Gaza, it would win them.

Among the important statements was Eisenkot’s indication that the extremist minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, has the most influence on Netanyahu, and that the situation in the West Bank has deteriorated as a result of dividing the powers of managing the security situation among three ministers.

When statements like these are issued by a high-ranking official inside the war cabinet, they not only reveal what is hidden, but rather provide additional clear evidence of the failure of all of Israel’s plans to achieve its goals in the war, and the inability of the Netanyahu government and the necessity of isolating it. In addition, these statements reveal the axis that relates to the operation. Rafah denies the true Israeli intentions, which only target innocent and defenseless civilians, and that the army will remain unable to achieve Netanyahu’s goal of eliminating the resistance in the Gaza Strip, and that Netanyahu as prime minister does not make decisions except under the guidance of the extremist Itamar Ben Gvir.

These statements come to increase the pressure on Netanyahu and his extremist movement, gradually revealing the secrets of what is going on behind the scenes in a government that only decided to execute the Palestinian people because it realizes that the resistance will remain in the Gaza Strip, no matter how long the aggression lasts.


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Eizenkot...where were you?


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Written by: Salam Fayyad