Wed 17 Apr 2024 2:31 pm - Jerusalem Time

Government media in Gaza: Israel has arrested more than 5,000 since the start of the war

The government media office in Gaza reported that the Israeli occupation army has arrested more than 5,000 citizens since the start of the war on Gaza on October 7, 2023.

Its statement said, "We are commemorating Palestinian Prisoner's Day this year (April 7 annually) in light of the continuation of the genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation army on the Gaza Strip."

It continued, "Palestinian prisoners are still subjected to the most horrific types of retaliatory measures, which aim to deprive them of their most basic rights."

It stated that "during the war, the Israeli occupation arrested more than 5,000 prisoners from the Gaza Strip alone, bringing the number of prisoners inside the occupation prisons to approximately 10,000 prisoners."

Palestinian and international human rights organizations accuse Israel of practicing enforced disappearance against Gaza prisoners, and of not disclosing their number or the places and conditions of their detention, in conjunction with media reports that a number of them were killed as a result of torture.

The information office stressed that prisoners in Israeli prisons "are subjected to the most horrific forms of torture and violations that violate all international norms and conventions, especially the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions of 1949."

It called on the international community to "assume its moral, humanitarian and legal responsibilities, and to intervene urgently to protect the prisoners."

It also called on international and human rights organizations to "make every effort to urgently release all prisoners, especially child prisoners, male and female prisoners, and the sick who are deprived of treatment by the occupation."


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Government media in Gaza: Israel has arrested more than 5,000 since the start of the war