Fri 12 Apr 2024 10:55 pm - Jerusalem Time

Washington: Iran's threat to respond to Israel is "real"

The United States confirmed on Friday that the Iranian threat to respond to Israel is “real.”

National Security Council spokesman at the White House, John Kirby, said in a press statement: “We still consider Iran’s potential threat to be real and credible.”

Kirby added, "The United States intends to do everything possible to ensure that Israel is able to defend itself," he said.

Kirby did not reveal details about the American measures taken in the face of the expected Iranian response.

Since the raid on Damascus on April 1, there have been analyzes in the Israeli media saying that Tel Aviv is preparing for an Iranian response to the assassination of General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, in an air strike that Tehran said was an Israeli bombing that targeted the consular section building in its embassy in Damascus.

There was also talk of preparing the Israelis to deal with the scenario of being subjected to a “retaliatory response” from Iran, although Tel Aviv did not officially acknowledge the assassination of Zahedi, but it did not deny its responsibility for the assassination either.


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Washington: Iran's threat to respond to Israel is "real"