Thu 29 Feb 2024 7:34 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hebrew Newspaper: Yes to the return of the kidnapped people and the establishment of a Palestinian state

By Amos Schocken

It is difficult to find a better outcome for the war that Israel is now waging against Hamas other than the immediate return of the kidnapped people, and the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state, which Israeli leaders agreed to establish, according to the rules set by the United Nations Partition Resolution in November 1947. And also in The peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel at Camp David in September 1978, there is an Israeli-Egyptian agreement stipulating Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories, with the exception of some military points, and allowing the establishment of self-rule for the residents of the territories.

This outcome is very desirable for Israel, and it could correct part of what was caused by the tragedy of October 7, and free Israel from brutal apartheid rule, and from control over the lives of millions of Palestinians, who are not Israeli citizens. This control, which has been going on for 57 years, has caused great harm to Israel, and is the cause of “terrorism” that cannot be overcome. When the opportunity arose to achieve this, the intention of the Prime Minister to continue the current reality in the territories also in the future is shocking. It is clear that he does not care about Israel becoming a normal state living in peace with its neighbors, but rather prefers an apartheid system.

Assuming that Hamas exits the game, or accepts reality, this is an opportunity for the establishment of a Palestinian state, according to what Mahmoud Abbas says: a state within the borders of May 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital. Such a step will lead to the establishment of a state that cooperates with Israel in many areas, including security, as the Palestinian Authority has done for years. It will also lead to the elimination of Palestinian “terrorism,” and there will be no need to maintain large forces in the occupied territories in order to fight “terrorism.” ".

There are two groups of Israeli citizens who have taken the state hostage: the Haredim, who succeeded in freeing themselves from military service and from basic education; There are the settlers, from the “Gush Emunim” movement, and those who came after it, including Yigal Amir, who assassinated Yitzhak Rabin, at the beginning of the path that could have led to a Palestinian state.

What is happening with the Haredim is causing great harm to Israel, but perhaps it is not important to non-Israelis. The ongoing settlement and occupation project, which characterizes Israel, cannot be accepted by any rational person in the world. It is an apartheid project that is hostile to international law, as stipulated by the United Nations Security Council.

It is a project that contradicts what Israel agreed to in 1947, in 1978, and in the Oslo Accords. It is the reason for Israel’s life at the point of the sword, and it is the reason for hostility towards us on the part of all those who do not understand how Israel can establish an apartheid regime, based on oppression. Millions of people are deprived of their rights. The relationship with Israel today is the opposite of what it should be and what it was before the settlement project. This poses a real danger.

It is disappointing that 99 members of the Knesset unite in standing against an international movement by countries friendly and close to Israel, thinking that this is the end of their support for Israel, and that they must recognize the Palestinian state, and that this is not necessarily against Israel’s interest. The influence of the world contributed to the abolition of the apartheid system in South Africa, and it would be good if world leaders helped to abolish the Israeli apartheid system and the dangerous position of the Prime Minister.

It is needless to say that if Israel decides to follow the path we have proposed here, it will sign a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia, and President Joe Biden, a true supporter of Israel, will be re-elected, and the wave of anti-Semitism in the world will disappear, but most of all, Israel will become a normal country for itself. Good relations with her entire surroundings.


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Hebrew Newspaper: Yes to the return of the kidnapped people and the establishment of a Palestinian state


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