Sat 09 Dec 2023 7:07 am - Jerusalem Time

An Israeli official calls for Palestinian prisoners from Gaza to be buried alive

The deputy head of Israeli municipality in Jerusalem, Aryeh King, called on Friday for burying Palestinian prisoners from the Gaza Strip alive.

Through his account on the “X” platform, King, who is National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s candidate for mayor of the next West Jerusalem municipality, posted pictures of Palestinian prisoners who were forced by the Israeli army to strip naked except for their underwear.

It is clear from the pictures that the army gathered the prisoners on sandy ground and an Israeli flag was placed on the side of the ground.

Another photo shows members of the Israeli army bringing the prisoners into a military transport vehicle, stripped naked except for their underwear.

In the midst of cold weather, the soldiers gathered the prisoners in the ground, which appeared to contain a large hole.

King called for Palestinian prisoners who were arrested from a shelter in Gaza to be buried alive.

“Israel must cover these ‘Nazis’ with the land that surrounds them,” he wrote.

He added: “Now they must be covered (i.e. buried alive) so that no human being will face them forever.”

When one of the pioneers of the “X” platform responded to him: “You will end up in The Hague at the International Criminal Court” because of his statements, King defended his call and said: “For what?” Killing 'Nazis'?

In another tweet, which the “X” platform considered violating the terms of publication, King wrote: “If I had the opportunity to make the decision, I would have brought 4 huge bulldozers (D9) and ordered all these hundreds of ants to be covered, while they were still alive.”

He added: “They are not human beings and they are not human animals. They are subhuman, and this is the way they should be treated,” in his words.

King is known for his stubborn support for settlement in East Jerusalem and the expulsion of Palestinian residents from their homes there.

On Thursday, Hebrew media reported from the Israeli army pictures of the arrest of dozens of Palestinians after they were forced to strip completely from their homes except for their underwear.

Local sources reported that the Israeli army arrested Palestinians from a shelter center in Gaza, and that some of them were later released and a number of others were kept in detention.


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An Israeli official calls for Palestinian prisoners from Gaza to be buried alive