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American pressure is mounting, but the price Israel is still able to pay

By Yaki Dayan

The kidnapped were, and remained, at the top of America's list of priorities, starting from the first day of the war. President Joe Biden has said it, and he's repeating it again. The US administration also devotes a lot of efforts and resources to this issue. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the credit for the failure of several rounds of kidnapped release operations goes to the Americans alone, not to the Egyptians or the Qataris. The non-stop American pressure on Qatar and Egypt helped carry out these rounds of releasing the kidnapped persons.

Also at this stage, there is an American team dealing with the issue of the kidnapped people all the time, and working with Qatar and Egypt, in order to reach an additional deal. The United States has provided full support to Israel as the latest round of releases of women and children takes place. It was clear to the Americans that it was Hamas that violated the agreement between the two parties. 

In addition to the work of the American crew specialized in the issue of the kidnapped persons, the Americans are working to collect intelligence information through several means, including drones, and they have also recruited the British for this mission. It is clear to these people that it will be difficult, upon the return of ground operations, to reach an additional deal, but American efforts are continuing to push forward the issue of the release of the kidnapped people.

On the other hand, two types of pressures are being exerted on the American administration, which are always escalating: external international pressure, and pressure coming from within the Democratic Party. As a result of these pressures, the American administration placed several tactical demands before Israel, in addition to the comprehensive strategic demand related to “the day after the war.” 

First, the American administration wants to manage the battle in the south of the Gaza Strip in a different way than what happened in the north. It is expected that the Americans will raise this demand again and again, but implementing this matter on the ground is difficult. However, because Khan Yunis is built differently, the Israelis can, to some extent, respond to this demand.

The second request relates to fuel. The Americans requested the entry of 180,000 liters of fuel, and Israel agreed to enter 120,000 liters. The Americans request the entry of 400 trucks, while Israel agreed to the entry of 200 trucks per day. 

It is clear that the American request has not been fully approved, but Israel realizes, in any case, that it must respond to American pressure to a certain extent, specifically in view of this amount of ammunition and weapons, which the Americans provide, along with a series of issues they are involved in.

Despite everything, Israeli approval to bring in aid and fuel is considered a very small price, compared to the compensation we receive from the American government in this war.

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American pressure is mounting, but the price Israel is still able to pay


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