Fri 08 Dec 2023 5:55 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu responds to Palestine Premier’s proposal: There will be no Hamas

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked a Palestinian proposal for Hamas to be a partner in ruling Gaza after the war currently taking place in the Strip.

Netanyahu said in a statement: “There will be no Hamas. We will eliminate it. The fact that this is the Palestinian Authority’s proposal reinforces my policy: The Palestinian Authority is not the solution.”

Bloomberg News Agency quoted Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh as saying that the Palestinian Authority is working with American officials on a plan to manage the Gaza Strip after the end of the war.

Shtayyeh said from Ramallah on Thursday that the preferred outcome of the conflict is for Hamas to become “a junior partner of the Palestine Liberation Organization, helping to establish a new independent state that includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.”

Shtayyeh added, "There will be room for talks if Hamas is ready to reach an agreement and accept the political approach of the Palestine Liberation Organization," noting that the Palestinians "must not be divided."

The Palestinian Prime Minister considered that Israel's goal of completely eliminating Hamas was "unrealistic."

Israel pledged to eliminate Hamas, after the movement's surprise attack on Israeli towns on October 7th.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip says that more than 17,000 Palestinians have been killed and about 46,000 injured since Israel began bombing the Strip.


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Netanyahu responds to Palestine Premier’s proposal: There will be no Hamas