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Forced population displacement...the hidden goal of the aggression against Gaza

Israeli leaders are aware of the nature and dimensions of the conflict with the Palestinian people and its complexities. It is a conflict that Israel, which received military and financial support and political and legal cover provided to it by the colonial countries, was unable to resolve in about 75 years, despite all the crimes, massacres, wars of genocide and starvation it committed against the Palestinian people. The Gaza Strip had the largest share of it.
In its dealings with the Gaza Strip, Israel had only one of two means, or both: either mass displacement or murder. The idea of displacing the population of the Gaza Strip is not new, and every time documents leak that confirm that this plan has been on the agenda of the occupation and its supporters for decades, and the most serious project was deportation towards Egyptian lands and European countries... and to achieve this goal, and in less than two decades (that is, since the siege in From 2006 until 2023, Israel launched (12) wars on the Gaza Strip, including (5) destructive wars. The goal is one: to get rid of the security nuisance posed by the Gaza Strip and impose mass displacement on its residents.
Today, more than two months after the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, the goals of the Israeli enemy have become clear, and they are summarized in three goals: two declared and a third hidden: The two declared goals are eliminating the resistance infrastructure, and seeking to impose a new security system in the Strip. The third and hidden goal is the mass displacement of the population, not only from Gaza but also from the West Bank.

In historical background:
Away from international law of all kinds and its description of what is happening in the Gaza Strip in terms of Zionist crimes and killings against the Palestinian people that exceeded (16 thousand) martyrs and tens of thousands of wounded, and the deliberate targeting of civilian facilities, including homes, hospitals, health centers, press and media headquarters, and centers housing displaced persons, away from all This, the forced displacement of the population is considered one of the most important foundations on which the Zionist project has been based since the beginning of its field applications in Palestine. On the eve of the Nakba in 1948, the armed Zionist groups adopted a policy of expulsion and organized terrorism in targeting civilians and destroying Palestinian villages one after another, in addition to raising residents’ fears through loudspeakers and other means of psychological intimidation to force them to leave. As a result of the massacres committed against the population, about 800,000 Palestinians were displaced towards the countries surrounding Palestine, who later became refugees whose number today exceeds (6) six million people.
These practices were supported and embraced by the positions of Israeli officials in the early stages that preceded the Nakba. One of the founders of the Israeli occupation state in 1937 (David Ben-Gurion) said in his explanation of the necessity represented by the process of expelling the Palestinians from their land and the importance of expanding it as a need for the Zionist project: “With forced deportation, we will have vast areas for settlement...I support forced deportation. I do not see anything wrong with it. "It is immoral."
After dozens of massacres were committed, the occupation, with direct support from the colonial Western countries, worked to erase the traces of the crimes committed and the forced displacement and ethnic cleansing they caused against the Palestinian people. This was confirmed by the international mediator Count Bernadotte in one of his reports, and because of him he was assassinated by gangs. Zionism. Enemy historians are currently trying to present new narratives with direct support from the institutions of the Israeli entity at its various legislative, judicial and executive levels in order to deny and obscure the Palestinian narrative and to establish the Zionist narrative as the only truth.

Displacement from the West Bank:
Since the first day of the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, Israel has worked to prepare the appropriate ground to “legally” control large areas of land, whether by seizing control of them for military purposes or confiscating them for settlement purposes. We are not exaggerating when we say that settlement in the West Bank has become a real danger that threatens not only the Palestinian state and eliminates any possibility of its establishment in the future, but also threatens the entire Palestinian existence. This is one of the reasons for the military operation last October 7, after the Palestinian people became confident and resisted. The Arab and international positions of protest and condemnation are not serious and will not deviate from the general description of the dangers of Israeli policies in Palestine, after attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue have achieved important breakthroughs on more than one level.
The Zionist project has adopted a policy of tightly linking settlement with the theft of land and the displacement of its owners, and an equation has been established that says: No settlement operation can reach its actual extent unless it is accompanied by large-scale forced displacement operations at the hands of the Israeli army, since it constitutes, in addition to settlement, one of the arms of the “Jewish state.” . In a general overview of the reality of settlement, it becomes clear that it is a systematic policy adopted by official Zionist institutions to create material facts on the ground whose results cannot be ignored in any future negotiating process. The number of settlers in the West Bank increased from about 4,000 settlers in 1977, to more than 800,000 Jewish settlers today, distributed between the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem. This number resides in 131 settlements spread throughout the length and breadth of the West Bank, in addition to 10 settlements in East Jerusalem and 115 settlement outposts.
Currently, the Israeli government expresses its positions through more than one official, stating that its policy towards the West Bank and its residents will depend on four pillars:
The first is to annex the largest portion of the land to the “State of Israel,” especially Area C, which is the area that is still under full Israeli control.
The second is arbitrary arrests for reasons that may be merely suspicious or related to posts on social media sites, carrying the Palestinian flag, celebrating an operation, or other forms of peaceful expression of rejection of the occupation.
The third is the direct killing of anyone who opposes Israeli policies or is exposed to occupation soldiers or settlers. The direct example of this policy is the continuous incursions into Palestinian cities, camps and villages, with all the accompanying massacres and destruction of residential neighbourhoods.
The fourth form is public displacement. The West Bank has recently witnessed the distribution of leaflets by settlers calling on Palestinians to leave the West Bank towards Jordan, accompanied by statements by some Israeli officials, which prompted the Kingdom of Jordan to reject the displacement plan and consider this a declaration of war against the Kingdom.
Israel is pursuing a clear policy regarding controlling the land through several forms, including:
- Forcibly transferring residents and forcing them to leave their homes, either by administrative decisions, punitive cases of residents, or military considerations..
- Demolition of homes: In 2022, according to United Nations data, Israel demolished 708 homes belonging to Palestinians, and during the first half of 2023 alone, Israeli forces demolished 256 homes.
This is in addition to other forms, including confiscation of land for reasons that are often unknown, deprivation of residency rights and then control over the land, and this happens in the city of Jerusalem, or direct control over it by settlers by force of arms and without the intervention of the occupation army, which usually provides protection for the heavily armed settlers. In 2022, Zionist data indicated that there were 200,000 weapons in the hands of the settlers, and recently one of the pillars of the Israeli government (Itamar Ben Gvir) distributed tens of thousands of military weapons to the settlers, meaning that every four settlers today have a weapon in their hands.

Forced displacement from the Gaza Strip:
Since 2006, the Gaza Strip has been subjected to an Israeli sea and land blockade, in which Israel prevented the entry of many materials and life supplies. This siege was described by the United Nations as a “manifestation of collective punishment” prohibited under international humanitarian law and many international conventions.
With the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, it began to become clear that the forced and mass displacement of the population towards the Egyptian Sinai is one of Israel’s goals, but in view of the international positions rejecting this plan, especially the Egyptians, the Israeli tone began to change, but this does not mean that the project has ended, but rather that Every detail of the aggression confirms that the mass displacement project is still at the forefront of the Israeli government’s concerns. The United Nations confirmed, through spokesman for the Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric, that “the United Nations in Gaza was informed by the Israeli army that all residents of the northern Gaza Valley must be transferred to the south within 24 hours.”
Although the United States, the European Union countries, and the Arab countries announced their rejection of forced displacement plans, they are merely positions that cannot be trusted. Because Israel continues its strategy of dealing with this plan and seeking to impose it by force of fire. It seems clear that there is something similar to the distribution of roles between Israel and the United States, as it is not possible to reconcile the rejection of forced and mass population displacement projects with the cover that Western countries provide for Israel to continue its aggression under misleading slogans entitled “self-defense.” Because everyone knows that Israel is realistically practicing a policy of mass displacement from the north of the Gaza Strip towards the center and south of the Strip as a first stage, and then displacement towards Egypt and perhaps beyond that in a second stage.
In practical terms, the United States of America does not refuse to displace Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip, and its positions and policies today confirm that it adopts this plan. Aside from the positions of some members of Congress who explicitly call for the displacement of refugees from Gaza to several countries, a document was recently leaked from the US administration to Congress requesting the opening of appropriations worth 106 billion dollars, of which about 4 billion are allocated “to support Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the West Bank.” The West Bank, as well as to deal with the potential needs of the people of Gaza who will flee to neighboring countries... The crisis in Gaza may lead to cross-border displacement and escalating humanitarian needs in the region, and the required funding can be used to deal with needs outside Gaza,” according to the letter issued by the management of the Office of Administration. And the budget in the White House..
Israel is trying to mislead public opinion with baseless lies. One time it says that it has identified safe areas in southern Gaza that those residing in the north must go to, knowing that the number of martyrs in the southern and central regions is higher than in the north, which confirms that there is no safe place in all of the territory of the Gaza Strip... and one time it distributes maps and specifies the destination. Which the population should turn to, in a deceptive message to world public opinion that Israel does not target civilians.
What happened during the “humanitarian truce” period, which began on November 24 and lasted for a week, confirms the fact that Israel has serious intentions to impose forced displacement, as it refused the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip, and whoever of them tried to return, Israeli bullets were waiting for him...but despite this Doubt hangs over the possibility of Israel succeeding in its plan to displace the Palestinians residing in the northern Gaza Strip area, who insist on remaining in their homes despite the bombing, because they are firstly aware of the nature of the Israeli plan, and secondly, they are convinced that the Gaza Strip, with its north, south and center, is within range of Israeli aggression.
The project of mass displacement of the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is a real plan in which the United States of America and some Western and Arab countries participate alongside Israel, but it cannot be imposed on the ground except in one case only, which is Israel’s possession of the field in all its details and the crushing of Palestinian resistance as a reality, idea and culture. This is something that seems clearly impossible to achieve, which makes the conflict continue regardless of the results of the aggression against the Gaza Strip, because the displacement of the Palestinian people outside of Palestine will remain an essential pillar of the Zionist project, which has begun to get diturbed in many of its details.


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Forced population displacement...the hidden goal of the aggression against Gaza


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