Wed 06 Dec 2023 6:52 pm - Jerusalem Time

The fighting must stop and prepare for a different government

The security cabinet, which was disintegrating, decided to prefer continuing the fighting over the lives of the kidnapped, at the request of Netanyahu. This step passed, as usual, through Ben Gvir and Smotrich, who were on the verge of losing their audience if the truces led to a ceasefire, as Biden demanded. The pressure exerted by these three is an ordinary political kidnapping, at a time when the state is now the kidnapped one. It is clear from Netanyahu's statements that he not only decided to prefer continuing the fighting over the lives of the kidnapped, but also to curb movements the day after the war.

At this stage in the course of the war, when the Defense Minister publicly separates from the Prime Minister, as well as Gantz and Eisenkot, this means neutralizing Netanyahu from the decision-making process, while the Chief of Staff works according to the directives of the Defense Minister, who coordinates with Gantz and Eisenkot. Netanyahu has the right to express his opinion, and perhaps impose it (as he does regarding the following day).

Insisting on continuing the fight is a hopeless adventure, and declaring the death of every kidnapped person is Sinwar’s response to Netanyahu’s move. If the intelligence news about Sinwar is correct, the Israeli army’s advance will lead to the killing of two kidnapped persons...

Only American pressure, large demonstrations, and the besiegement of Netanyahu's house and coalition members will force them to make the right decisions. Only in this way will the truces be restored, the kidnapped people will return, and the chances of a ceasefire will increase. What is meant is to temporarily submit to Sinwar's tricks in order to extract as many of the kidnapped people as possible, and then deal with him later. The Israeli army's firepower is strong enough to confront the continuation of truces. The state will not collapse, despite Netanyahu's threats. The coalition may collapse, which is not bad.

When Netanyahu was asked about the shooting of Yuval Castleman [the Israeli who killed two Palestinians who carried out an attack at the entrance to Jerusalem, and was then killed by a recruit by mistake], in reference to the distribution of weapons to anyone by Ben Gvir and his group, Netanyahu responded, apologetically, “This is life". How impudent, heartless and cowardly this man, whose primary duty should be to preserve life, sums up his misappropriation of office. How much hypocrisy was poured into the press conference that ended with the phrase, “Together we win.” together? Ben Gvir and his rioters are boycotting the Israeli army, Gallant is boycotting Netanyahu, and Smotrich is confiscating money for the reconstruction of the “Gaza envelope” in order to give it to Ghafni [of the United Torah Judaism party] and Deri [of the Shas party]. Will we win with these people?

Those who have not yet understood why it is necessary to stop the fighting and prepare for another government should tell themselves the story of Yuval Castleman, who was killed by the fire of those addicted to the current atmosphere. It doesn't matter who killed Castleman, he is the product of a toxic rabbinic incubator. But the rabbis are not the problem of the people of Israel. Rather, the problem is those who do not understand why Castleman's killing is linked to the war in Gaza. 

This is a terrifying reminder of why reality forces internal separation on us. Of course, after the war stopped.

Source: Maariv+ IPS


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The fighting must stop and prepare for a different government


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