Wed 06 Dec 2023 11:25 am - Jerusalem Time

This barbaric war on Gaza must stop!!

The Israeli occupation continues with all its arrogance, its aggression against the Gaza Strip and inflicting thousands of human losses, including dead and wounded. It also destroyed hospitals, shelter schools, ambulance crews, and hundreds of homes and residential buildings, so that the number of dead, as announced by the Ministry of Health, reached about 16 thousand, and more than 42 thousand were wounded, 70% of whom were children and women.
The so-called Israeli Minister of Security, Yoav Galant, expected that this aggression in its current form and violence would continue for at least two months. The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross said upon her arrival in the Gaza Strip that the suffering of the people there is unbearable and that the siege imposed by the occupation increases the misery and hardship of life, and with it the aggression continues, as Gallant says, the situation will get worse and more difficult, and despite all the calls to stop this war, Israel confirms that it will not stop, which will make the situation worse and more difficult.
Children in the Gaza Strip were seen running to get some loaves of bread or simple meals provided by some institutions, and these scenes caused the deepest pain and suffering for everyone who witnessed them. The Palestinian Council of Ministers decided to provide aid through the Rafah crossing and Egyptian hospitals, and Jordan is making every effort to provide possible assistance through possible means as well.
This aggression also had many negative reactions inside Israel, and political sources said that an atmosphere of disintegration had begun to unfold in the government coalition, and thousands of soldiers were suffering from psychological crises. The families of Israeli prisoners demanded that Netanyahu’s government return to prisoner exchange negotiations immediately and reach a solution and return all these prisoners to their families, and to stop this war, of course.

The wonderful little girl “Alma”
A wonderful child named “Alma.” The occupation bombed her family’s home and she found herself among the rubble and destruction from all sides. Rescue teams came to help her and pull her out of the situation she was in, but she refused to be taken out by the paramedics before they saved her family and her baby brother.
The story of this child spread on social networking sites, and she received appreciation and love from thousands of people who read her story. She gave a wonderful human model beyond description, and demonstrated the human silence inherent in her feelings and emotions. This child will remain a symbol of humanity, love, and sincere human feelings.
A final note remains in this regard, which is that it is necessary to mention her full name, that is, mention the name of her father, grandfather, and family. She has all our love, respect, and a bright and prosperous future... God willing...!!


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This barbaric war on Gaza must stop!!


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