Wed 06 Dec 2023 7:06 am - Jerusalem Time

Report: Washington has set the beginning of 2024 for Israel to end war on Gaza

The US administration has begun to increase pressure on the Israeli government over the past few days, to push it to end its military operations at its current intensity in the Gaza Strip, within weeks, specifically next January.

An Israeli report said, on Tuesday evening, that the administration of US President Joe Biden has set for the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, the beginning of next year 2024, as the date for ending “Israeli military operations with their current intensity and strength” in the southern Gaza Strip.

This came according to what the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (“Kan 11”) reported, in its evening bulletin, from sources it described as “informed”; It pointed out that this will coincide with the start of internal elections in the Democratic Party to choose the party’s candidate for the US presidential elections.

The American Al-Monitor website also reported that “the Biden administration has set the beginning of 2024 as a target date for ending the massive Israeli military campaign in Gaza,” despite the Israeli occupation army expanding its operations to include the south of the besieged Strip.

Al-Monitor stressed that the talk is not about a “deadline, but rather about a goal” that Washington hopes Tel Aviv will achieve, and the website noted that “the target dates during the war are subject to change.”

He added, "It is clear that officials in Washington believe that Israel is close to exhausting the large-scale ground incursion that began on October 27, and should turn to more specific efforts aimed at toppling Hamas."

A high-ranking Israeli official who spoke to Al-Monitor (who he did not name) said, “The gap between us and the Americans ranges from three weeks to a month,” and added, “But there is nothing that cannot be resolved.”

On the other hand, Kan 11 described the American approach to Tel Aviv as a “clear and unequivocal message” of the necessity of ending military operations with their current intensity and strength “within weeks and not months.”

It added that this comes in light of the pictures that convey the status of the situation in the southern Gaza Strip and in the Khan Yunis area specifically, and considered that the American administration seeks to avoid harming Biden in his election campaign as a result of his absolute support for Israel.

In turn, CNN quoted American officials (which it did not name) as saying, “We expect the current phase of the Israeli ground invasion to continue until next January.”

An intelligence source who spoke to CNN said, “American assessments show that Israel cannot guarantee an intensive level of its operations for an open period.”

He added, quoting sources he described as “informed,” that “Israel would have wanted to level the entire Gaza Strip to the ground had it not been for the American warnings.”

In a related context, the United States said on Tuesday that Israel needs to make more efforts to allow fuel and other aid to enter Gaza in light of the intensification of its attack on the besieged Strip and the expansion of the ground incursion to include the southern part of it.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a press conference, "Not enough effort has been made at the present time. The level of aid being introduced is not sufficient. It must increase, and we have made that clear to the government of Israel."


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Report: Washington has set the beginning of 2024 for Israel to end war on Gaza