Sat 02 Dec 2023 5:26 pm - Jerusalem Time

Macron: Completely eliminating Hamas means 10 years of war

French President Emmanuel Macron warned Israel on Saturday that its declared goal of completely eliminating Hamas could lead to a war that would last 10 years, and announced that he was on his way to Qatar to seek to resume the truce that lasted 7 days and ended yesterday morning.

Macron said in a press conference on the sidelines of the climate conference in Dubai, UAE, "What does it mean to completely eliminate Hamas? Does anyone believe that this is possible? If so, the war will last 10 years."

He urged Tel Aviv to clarify its goal of eliminating Hamas, warning of an endless war.

The French President also said that confronting what he called terrorism is not a matter of systematic and continuous bombing, and that the response to Hamas attacks is not the elimination of an entire region or the bombing of entire civilian infrastructure.

Macron continued that Israel's permanent security cannot be guaranteed if it is established "at the expense of Palestinian lives, thus displeasing all public opinion in the region," calling for responding to the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, by achieving a two-state solution.

He called for redoubling efforts to reach a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all detainees held by Hamas, and the delivery of aid to Gaza, saying that he was heading to Qatar - today, Saturday - to help establish a new truce that would lead to a ceasefire.

The French President adopted a position in support of the Israeli war on Gaza, and also called for the establishment of an international coalition against the Hamas movement. In the middle of last month, Macron was forced to clarify his statements regarding targeting civilians in Gaza, as he denied during a call with his Israeli counterpart Isaac Herzog that he had accused Israel of intentionally harming civilians.


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Macron: Completely eliminating Hamas means 10 years of war