Mon 20 Nov 2023 9:24 pm - Jerusalem Time

Biden's position against the settlers!

By Suhail Kiwan

In this article, Biden wanted to alleviate the growing opposition within America to his approach and his complicit and partner position in the war of extermination in the Gaza Strip, and his position as the next president of the United States has become threatened because of his ugly, racist and criminal stance on this war...

US President Joe Biden issued a statement in which he said that he would take measures against extremist settlers in the West Bank, and asked Netanyahu to work to stop their attacks on Palestinians and their property, and hinted at economic sanctions on the accounts of some of them, and it was reported by the Arab media with great interest.

In his article published in the Washington Post two days ago, he clarified his positions and said that the Palestinians deserve to have a state and a future, but without Hamas, and that Gaza should not be used as a platform for terrorism. On the other hand, and in order to appear balanced, he said that Israel must settler violence stopped,

Will we witness a new American position on the occupation in the West Bank at least?

Although the sanctions he threatens against the settlers are of no practical value, this position shows that Biden is fair to the Palestinians who suffer from daily settler attacks, which reach the point of murder, and who wish to find a great supporter for them, such as the President of America, who is the only one capable of putting pressure on the government of Israel. 

Of course, this is a good decision in itself, but it is a right intended for a wrong, such as European and Arab positions that have now woken up demanding a two-state solution, including those calling for research into the Israeli nuclear file, to abandon the war of ethnic genocide in the Gaza Strip, some of which they criticize.

Joe Biden's position on settlements was not clear before the war of extermination that is taking place in the Gaza Strip, which he himself still refuses to stop by obstructing any international resolution calling for a ceasefire, despite many calls to it from Arab presidents and officials, and countries which consider themselves favored by America and its administration.

Also, he wants to say to the Palestinian people in the West Bank that their status with America is different from the people in the Gaza Strip, because the people of Gaza embrace “terrorists” and therefore, they bear responsibility for what happened and is happening there, but in the West Bank the matter is different, meaning that Biden seeks to drove a wedge between of one people, as he stands with the moderates among them, but he only punishes the extremists.

In addition, this position is directed at the Arab regimes loyal to America and seeking normalization with Israel, and with which it has peace agreements, and which demand that he put pressure to stop the ethnic genocide that puts these regimes in a position of humiliation and cowardice. He wants to tell them that he did something positive towards the Palestinians, and these regimes can now appear to their people as if they have achieved something important through it for the benefit of the Palestinians, as they reject the aggressive actions of the settlers.

Also, this is a message to the Netanyahu government, which represents the settlers, that the war must remain confined to the Gaza Strip in order to complete the mission without expanding it. 

There is no need to blow up the situation in the West Bank, because this may complicate the matter with Jordan, as popular and official voices are rising, demanding a freeze the Wadi Araba Agreement, and the cancellation of economic agreements that were intended to be signed.

Biden wants to create the illusion that America is seriously seeking to resolve the conflict, after the end of the war “by defeating and eradicating Hamas,” and then the Palestinian Authority will have its role, but in order not to anger Netanyahu, he wants it to be an “occupying” authority, meaning that America is looking for an alternative to Mahmoud Abbas, who is not satisfied with him. For Netanyahu, and for large segments of the Palestinian people, he wants a personality acceptable to the Palestinians as well as to the Israelis so that they can deal with him.

Biden seeks to justify his position, which has been imprinted on everything uttered by the Israeli military spokesman since the beginning of the war, and he adopts the Israelis’ narrative without any doubt about the validity of any detail, and even with false testimony that the Pentagon examined the matter, as in the Baptist massacre missile. He put himself and America’s enormous capabilities at the service of Israeli media recruited for the war of extermination of the Palestinians.



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Biden's position against the settlers!


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