Thu 19 Oct 2023 10:17 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hamas Head Meshal: We will exchange Israeli prisoners for all our prisoners

The head of the Hamas movement abroad, Khaled Meshal, said on Thursday that the attack on Israel was a calculated adventure, in reference to the Al-Qassam Brigades - the military wing of the Hamas movement - a surprise attack on Israel, adding: “We know very well the consequences of our operation on October 7.”

He confirmed, in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya channel, that the details of prisoner numbers are available only with the Al-Qassam Brigades, stressing by saying: “We have enough prisoners of Israeli soldiers to negotiate over our detainees... and we have informed some countries of our readiness to hand over civilian prisoners,” noting by saying: “We are concerned.” "Only Israeli military prisoners, and we will exchange our Israeli prisoners for all our prisoners held by Israel."

Khaled Meshaal said that the Netanyahu government has set an agenda to Judaize Al-Aqsa, stressing by saying: “Israel is killing us, whether we resist or not.”

Khaled Meshaal added, “The calculations of our operation against Israel were within a narrow framework,” noting that “to achieve the element of surprise in our operation, not everyone knew about it,” stressing that “it is not possible to reach foreign prisoners under Israeli bombing.”

He stressed by saying, "Hamas and the Palestinian factions do not target civilians, but Israel targets civilians randomly."

He pointed out that "the Arab position towards the current situation is good and we ask for more," stressing by saying: "We do not call people to wars," noting that "Hezbollah and Iran provided us with weapons and support and we ask for more."

Meshaal called on the Arabs to protect Gaza, stressing that "there are no voices in Gaza criticizing the resistance... We want an Arab-Islamic position that pressures the West to stop the war."

He pointed out that "Israel says that it will eliminate Hamas... and it will not succeed," stressing by saying: "The battle with Israel is difficult... The Taliban defeated America and we will defeat Israel." He added, "The countries that put us on terrorist lists are communicating with us through a third party."

Regarding the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip, Meshaal said that Hamas does not accept that aid be limited to the people of the southern Gaza Strip.

Regarding the Israeli calls demanding the departure of the people of Gaza to Egypt, Meshaal said: “We refuse to leave Gaza. The displacement of the people of Gaza, if it occurs, will harm Egypt and Jordan.”

The head of the Hamas movement abroad said, "Our operation in Israel is offensive as part of a long defensive war."


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Hamas Head Meshal: We will exchange Israeli prisoners for all our prisoners