Mon 09 Oct 2023 2:10 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli prison admin. continues to impose retaliatory measures against Palestinian detainees

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club said on Monday that the occupation prison administration continues to implement retaliatory measures against detainees in all prisons.

According to the latest developments documented by the Prisoners’ Club, the Ofer Prison administration today cut off electricity and water to the detainees’ sections, and in Nafha Prison, they withdrew the tools that the detainees use for cooking, completely isolated the sections from each other, and prevented them from going out to ( Al-Fura) prison yard.

In the Negev prison, the prison administration transferred all Gaza detainees outside the prison without knowing the destination to which they were transferred. The prison administration also deliberately cut off electricity and water to the detainees’ sections from time to time, and this was recorded in most prisons.

The Prisoner's Club added that sick detainees were denied transfer to prison clinics.

Earlier, and over the past two days, the occupation prison administration implemented a series of other retaliatory measures, which included closing sections in all prisons, withdrawing the limited number of television stations available to detainees, increasing jamming devices, stopping visits to detainees’ families, and extending the detention of detainees from 96 hours, to 8 days, and prevented from meeting with a lawyer, during the first four days of detention.

According to the Prisoners’ Club, raids were also recorded in a number of prisons, including “Naqab,” “Megiddo,” and “Damoun,” where female detainees are held.

The day before yesterday, the repressive forces stormed the detention section of the “Damoun” prison, using poisonous gas, cutting off their electricity, isolating the female detainees’ representative, Marah Bakir, and transferring her to the “Jalama” prison.

In light of this, the female detainees decided to take protest steps by returning meals and rejecting the so-called “number” procedure.

In Megiddo prison, the repressive forces stormed the sections, isolated them from each other, and took away the electricity.

The Prisoners' Club warned against aggression against detainees or harming them. He renewed his call on all international human rights institutions to play their necessary role at this current stage.

The number of detainees in the occupation prisons is more than 5,250, including 39 female detainees, 170 children, and more than 1,300 administrative detainees.


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Israeli prison admin. continues to impose retaliatory measures against Palestinian detainees