Mon 25 Sep 2023 12:54 pm - Jerusalem Time

“Sada Social”: Palestinian media institutions suffered financial losses

The results of a survey conducted by Sada Social showed economic, financial, and employment losses suffered by media institutions and male and female journalists due to the platforms’ policies regarding Palestinian content, and the restrictions they impose on the performance of personal accounts and public pages because of that.

The results show that 29.3% of the media institutions participating in the survey stopped making profits completely from the digital sector, and 9.8% of them lost profits ranging between half and three-quarters of the profits, while 36.3% said that they suffered a loss between 30% and 50% of the total profits of Digital sector.

The survey participants, who were distributed among 30 media organizations and 23 journalists from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, the occupied interior and outside Palestine, said that the sources of their profits in the digital sector varied between revenues from publishing advertisements for other parties on their pages and accounts, or from the number of visits to the website ( Google ads and third-party ads), or from profits from views on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

The results indicated that 75.5% of the participating media institutions expressed a decline in visits to their website due to the platforms restricting their pages in the context of blocking Palestinian content.

While 36.7% of media institutions said that they had reduced their digital team to adapt to the decline in profits, and 34.7% of them indicated a decline in the percentage of profits they earned from viewing content on the platforms, and 30.6% of media institutions spoke of the unwillingness of those concerned to advertise on their pages due to... Advertising and reach restrictions, and 24.5% of them told that they lost the funder’s interest in renewing their funding due to the decline in their digital performance.

Regarding digital restrictions, restrictions on Palestinian content, 96.2% of the survey participants said that they were subjected to restrictions on the Facebook platform due to publishing Palestinian content, and 43.3% of them reported that they were restricted on the Instagram platform, and 32.1% of them reported that they were subjected to restrictions on YouTube, and 20 % of them had their digital activity restricted on TikTok, while 17% of them were restricted on Twitter, 11.3% of them had their activity restricted on WhatsApp, while two participants reported that their activity on Telegram was restricted.

Regarding the nature of the violation practiced against them due to publishing Palestinian news, 56.6% of participants indicated that their media accounts were completely deleted, 79.2% faced reduced access, 50.9% of them were prevented from publishing, 54.7% were prevented from broadcasting live, while 41.5% were prevented from broadcasting. Advertising funding, and 24.5% of participants said they were subjected to restrictions such as blocking messages and calls, blocking interaction.


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“Sada Social”: Palestinian media institutions suffered financial losses