Mon 25 Sep 2023 8:39 am - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian detainee Kayed Al-Fasfous: 54 days in open hunger strike

Administrative detainee Kayed Al-Fasfous (34 years old) from the city of Dura/Hebron continues his open hunger strike for the 50th day in a row in rejection of the crime of his arbitrary administrative detention, amid escalating risks to his fate in the cells of the Negev Desert Prison, where the prison administration has held him since he began his imprisonment. 

The Prisoners' Club said, "The occupation forces are carrying out systematic abuse and harassment against him, in addition to pressure operations that continue to this day in an attempt to dissuade him from continuing his strike. The prison administration also insists on detaining him in the cells of the Negev, despite the passage of this period since the strike." In previous individual strikes, the prison administration would transfer the striking detainee after a certain period to a civilian hospital.”

According to the prisoner Al-Fasfous, after he started the strike, the prison administration and its forces deliberately carried out daily searches of his cell, and all the electrical appliances and clothes were removed from it, and he was left with nothing but the clothes he was wearing, and he was given his sleeping mattress with a cover, and later they deliberately took it out in the morning, and returned it in the evening. This procedure continued for five days.



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Palestinian detainee Kayed Al-Fasfous: 54 days in open hunger strike