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Abbas's true story and Netanyahu's forged map...

With a forged map, in a pivotal moment, Netanyahu revealed the only honest thing he seeks: the removal and erasure of the Palestinians. After that, his speech was no longer important. The picture spoke clearly about Zionist politics, strategy, and doctrine. To make the matter clear to those who did not watch Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations on television. During his deceptive speech, he uploaded two maps of the Middle East completely devoid of the Palestinian presence: the first for the year 1948, in which he referred to historical Palestine as “Israel,” shading it completely in blue, and the second is the same map of the future new Middle East, with the color of the Arab countries surrounding Palestine changing to green color . This is to show (according to his claim) how Israel was alone in the Arab world in 1948, and how it is today surrounded by friends after the path of normalization. This falsification of history and the forced disappearance of the Palestinian people occurred on the platform of the United Nations, which is primarily responsible legally and historically for international legitimacy and for the decisions upon which the Palestinians rely to demand their rights. But it didn't matter.. The hall was almost empty, as if he was talking to himself and the group of clowns who were applauding him.

How can the world listen to a speech that falsely claims peace in the Middle East and raises a map of ethnic cleansing at the same moment??

In general, Netanyahu is always credited with being good at acting dramatically on the UN stage, waving red pens. However, in this session, he was truly himself and without acting.

President Abbas had anticipated Netanyahu's theatrical presentation with a confident, calm, concise, clear, sober and smooth speech. He began with a strong, clear sentence that was closest to a future warning message, saying: "The most important person is who believes that there is peace... without the Palestinians obtaining their legitimate rights." This sentence responded pre-emptively to Netanyahu's forged speech and map, or perhaps it provoked him in a way that made him reveal his true convictions.

President Abbas's speech was comprehensive and convincing because it was simply based on a true story, which is the story of the people struggling to end the occupation despite the changes around them and the deliberate ignoring of their ongoing suffering and attempts to overcome it. The courage of tirelessly repeating Palestinian demands from the international community is credited to President Abbas... because we Unfortunately, we face the challenge of keeping the Palestinian issue alive on the international community’s priority list, as if it is not enough for us to just fight the occupation! Perhaps one of the most important things mentioned in President Abu Mazen’s speech is his continued demand for Palestine’s right to full membership in the United Nations and recognition of the Palestinian state for those who have not yet done so. I believe that it is a demand that must be urgently repeated and strive diligently for to happen because it refutes the Zionist “alternative” theory that centers on a “land without people,” which Netanyahu later brazenly presented in his forged map. Abbas also challenged the international community by demanding a peace conference. This is something that I believe depends on the interests of international actors, the extent of their willingness to participate, and their ability to build effective political positions...but at the same time, with the rapid transformations that the global system is going through today towards multipolarity, the rise of middle powers, and the seriousness in expanding geopolitical and economic blocs such as BRICS and... 77In addition to China, it would reshape the global economy and the global political system, and therefore the outlook for holding the international conference must change.. and not all Western actors necessarily attend!!


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Abbas's true story and Netanyahu's forged map...


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