Sat 23 Sep 2023 9:23 am - Jerusalem Time

Talking about the occupation's practices is no longer useful

Repeating political talk, speeches, statements, and other things that we have heard repeatedly is no longer useful and has no value. Rather, it is a waste of time and an effort to implant the unreasonable and the unacceptable in the minds of those who care about it or follow it.

The destructive reality of the occupation is what it does not once, but repeatedly, and we suffer and pay a heavy price for our land and our future. The last thing that this hateful occupation did, but not the last, was to issue 85 military orders to seize control of large areas of the lands of Jerusalem and its environs and seize 350 A dunum of land from neighboring villages and towns.

Also, a young man was seriously injured in Jerusalem and another was arrested at the Qalandiya checkpoint. There were raids into the city of Jerusalem and settlers attacked its people and its surroundings.

As President Abu Mazen said in his speech at the United Nations, since 1948 until today, about a thousand decisions have been issued on the Palestinian issue and the occupation’s attacks, but none of them were implemented, and the decision remained for the strongest and arrogant who do not understand and do not want to understand anything other than expansion, building more settlements, and confiscation. land and displacing citizens whenever possible.

We heard that the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs issued a statement confirming that settler violence is displacing Palestinians and is increasing, and more than a thousand people have been displaced since last year. This statement issued by the United Nations confirmed that incidents related to settlers affect the Palestinians, their lives and their land daily.

The holy Al-Aqsa Mosque is still subject to attacks, as more than 200 settlers stormed it and performed Talmudic prayers and religious rituals in its courtyards. The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Tsapala, also held a press conference at the Patriarchate headquarters in Bab al-Khalil in Jerusalem, in which he spoke about the measures and harassment that churches and clergy are being subjected to at the hands of Police in Jerusalem and elsewhere and provocations from religious Jewish extremists.

Speech is no longer effective and no one listens to it. Serious practical and field stances must be taken to work to stop the practices of the occupation and the settlers in the first place.


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Talking about the occupation's practices is no longer useful


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