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Youth and involvement in politics

The Palestinian people, the owners of this Arab land, the land of Palestine, are a politicized people, politicized at home and abroad.
In the homeland in particular, his entire life since his birth has depended on a political decision! It is often a brutal occupier who can turn his life upside down with the stroke of a pen, or with the scream of a fascist Knesset member, or with a pistol shot from a terrorist that kills you or your brother, or with a cursed shell from the occupying army that smashes his house over his head.

In addition, the occupation can change the nature of the land on which the Palestinian Arab lives, including streets, buildings, or trees, without permission from the land owner. He (i.e. the owner of the land) has no power over what is happening to the occupation that controls the country, and the people are subjected to calamities and daily war, theft, and the process of racial segregation and apartheid are practiced against them.

Therefore, all Palestinian affairs, including eating, drinking, breathing, and movement, no matter how small, are subject to politics, especially violent Israeli politics, and subject to the logic of the necessity of steadfastness, composure, patience, and steadfastness, and thus revolution and resistance.

The Palestinian youth does not need to be encouraged or urged to resist the occupier, as the factors of incitement, incitement and motivation come from the occupier himself on a daily basis. The occupation inflames feelings of hostility towards it with its ugly actions, and it incites the youth (in fact, as if it is begging them) to resist it with its inhumane violations.
How could it not be, when the young man was arrested at a young age and was subjected to all the aggressive practices against him in detention? Or as he sees his brother, father, or sister being arrested or perhaps killed before his eyes... and he sees his house (Tahwisha Al-Omar) being demolished. There is no young Palestinian today who has not been attacked directly or indirectly by the occupation army or gangs of terrorist colonialists. Direct, so the Palestinian Arab is inherently political.
The daily (routine aggressive) actions carried out by the Israelis in the Gaza Strip, or in the West Bank (and likewise, albeit in a different form inside, or against the Palestinians as well abroad), including killing, siege, or endless restrictions, are entrusted with bringing about popular revolution and resistance to the occupation. It is the responsibility of these measures to create a rebellious generation that will be more violent and cruel than the previous one. Every action has a reaction, and the forces may not be equal, but the reaction may be latent, and when it finds its opportunity, it will revolt in a way that the oppressive and breathless occupier does not expect.

Politics for the Palestinian student or young man begins when he wakes up in the morning, anticipating, calculating, and anxious about going to his school or university! Neither the road is safe nor the school or university safe! Of course, his life is not safe, nor is the street as free to move as it is for any ordinary non-Palestinian person in his country, because the dozens of permanent checkpoints in the West Bank that divide the land and protect the colonizers carry out their daily incitement work, as do male and female soldiers who lack humanity, and organized gangs of colonialists with their attacks. Frequently (they see it as routine, and they even treat attacks and killings as an outing under the auspices of army forces) in the streets, against stones, against humans, against animals, and against trees. Therefore, the Palestinian student and young man achieves his growing internal revolution not primarily from the literature, books, statements, or practices of the Palestinian factions, but rather from the aggressive actions of the occupation.

When a student wakes up from his sleep, he cannot be sure that he or one of his friends will ever be able to reach his school or university unscathed (mentally or physically). Likewise, schools or universities themselves (like every place in Palestine) are not immune from the occupation’s attacks, and this applies to all other aspects of life. Therefore, the Palestinian youth is unique from all the youth of the entire world. He has been political since birth.

Politics among Palestinian Arab youth has “three” forms of practice. The first is that it practices politics in the sense of struggle and resistance on the ground, whether by rejecting the occupation by stone, raising one’s voice, demonstrating, challenging its attacks, or by steadfast steadfastness on the ground, in his university and all its activities, and he practices politics. Second: By belonging to a faction here or a faction there, he acquires to incite the occupation a measuring tool, methods of dealing, a new culture, and a thought that focuses and confirms the political goal that must not deviate from the absolute belief in the justice of the issue and our eternal right on the historical, religious, legal, and political levels. From here arises the desire of the young man to gain more understanding. It means more work to achieve understanding.

Third: Involvement in politics among young people is understood practically in practice and not only in the theoretical cultural dimension. This is done primarily through the school or university portal, belonging to factions on the basis of belonging, commitment, and involvement in student action or serving the masses and popular resistance, and in public political life through the portal of participation through voluntary effort. Sharing time and participating in the decision, otherwise no.

The greatest credit for the growing awareness of young people and their involvement in politics and field work is due first to the practices of the occupation and then to the experiences of young people and their immediate surroundings, which feed into the above-mentioned act of intensifying rejection of silence or weakness. Or admitting the defeat that the occupation's actions come to achieve, and thus returning to his real slaughter. The ambition of the young man or student remains linked to the strict rejectionist mind of “Abu Iyad,” or to the courage of “Abu Jihad,” or the mobility and charisma of the immortal Yasser Arafat, or the theorizing of Khaled Al-Hassan, so he does not get lost from whichever of them he quoted, or in the path of the friends who preceded them.


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Youth and involvement in politics


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