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The colony Crucial plan

Pay attention and follow the thinking of the colony’s leaders. It is not possible to explain what they are doing on the ground against the Palestinians, including brutality, killing, cleansing, and deportation, whether in Areas 48 or Areas 67, while affirming in recognition that the colony’s tools of action against the Palestinians differ from one location to another, according to Smotrich’s expression: 1- The Israeli Arabs, that is, those who remained in their homeland in the Palestinian Arab cities and villages that were seized in 1948 by the colonial forces, and were unable to expel them, and they remained and imposed Israeli citizenship on them despite the discrimination imposed on them compared to the rights, gains and privileges of the Hebrew-Israeli nationality, of the Jewish Israelis.

2- Arabs of “Judea and Samaria,” that is, residents of Palestinian Arab cities and villages in the areas of the second occupation in 1967, people of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Smotrich lays out his announced plan to address the challenges facing the colony project, at the forefront of which is the demographic factor and the presence of Palestinian Arabs on the land of the “colony” extending from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, while emphasizing the refusal to give the Palestinians the right to establish their state on the land of “Israel” Palestine.

Smotrich acknowledges that “the battle has not yet been decided to this day, as we still have a population within the Land of Israel, who refuse to recognize the fundamental right of the State of Israel to exist as a state for the Jewish people, who continue to undermine its existence and its Hebrew identity,” and that “the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, seeking and aims to establish an Arab state within the 1967 borders, while not hiding the fact that this is only a stop towards their real goal: returning to Haifa, Jaffa, Ramla, and Tiberias, and establishing an Arab state on the ruins of the State of Israel, and they teach their children about this at home, school, and in summer camps. No one denies that these (whether in areas 48 or areas 67) are the basic assets of Palestinian nationalism.”

Smotrich says the plan (which he developed, entitled the Decisive Plan), aims to deal with this issue: the issue of Palestinian aspirations, whether in areas 48 or areas 67, and the necessity of working to thwart them.

Smotrich proceeds to acknowledge that "the Palestinian people are nothing but a movement opposed to the Zionist movement. This is its essence and the reason for its existence."

The Zionist movement, he says, "came to return the Land of Israel to the Jews."

He adds: “The continuation of conflicting national aspirations on our small piece of land will guarantee more years of bloodshed and the perpetuation of armed conflict. Therefore, one of the two parties must, voluntarily or by force, abandon its national aspirations in the Land of Israel, and the party that must abandon its aspirations to achieve its national identity in the Land of “Israel is the Arab side,” the Palestinian.


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The colony Crucial plan


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