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Is it possible to be optimistic and trust the transformations of “Satan”?!

With Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to several destinations and sites in the United States, and the electoral campaigns of the Republican and Democratic parties competing for the US presidential elections scheduled for November 2024, the American-Israeli differences are “growing,” which is expected to have a number of repercussions on the American interior, which may Leads to partisan division over support for Israel. Recently, the results of a Gallup poll revealed that there is “an increase in Democrats’ support for the Palestinians, while their support rates for the Israelis decreased, which reached 49% compared to 38%, respectively, while Republican support rates for Israel remain high, reaching 78%.” In exchange for 11% support for the Palestinians.”

One of the repercussions caused by the differences, which are based on American concerns about the Netanyahu government, is the growth in strength of the movement calling for stopping American military aid to Israel, as a trend emerged within Washington calling for stopping military aid and not remaining a “blank check.” In this context, both Former US ambassadors to Israel (Dan Kurtzer) and (Martin Indyk) are at the head of this movement that sees the Netanyahu government as working openly against the interests of the United States of America, “by eliminating any hope for a two-state solution and his determination to turn Israel into a corrupt dictatorship.” Racism will lead to the collapse of society, in the words of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

On the other hand, politicians, members of Congress, writers, and analysts said that the continuation of aid destroys America’s credibility as Israel uses it to finance its aggression against the Palestinians and violate their rights. And financing the violence practiced by the colonists/settlers against them. Recently, the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” published a report monitoring how the discussion of ending US military aid to Israel has become increasingly popular, which has represented A radical transformation that astonished some Israeli officials.

This “taboo” issue in the American media in the past is no longer so. According to the New York Times writer (Nicholas Kristof): “It is time to think about phasing out this aid in the future, because it does not make sense for the United States to provide a huge sum of $3.8 billion annually to another rich country that wastes scarce resources and creates An unhealthy relationship is harmful to both sides.” For his part, the well-known writer (Thomas Friedman) sent a frank message to President Biden, which was published by the New York Times, in which he said: “Mr. President, Netanyahu is moving forward with his plan regarding judicial amendments despite your insistence on him not to do so...”, warning against “The Knesset’s passage of these amendments could cause the explosion of American-Israeli relations,” adding, “If this relationship disintegrates, it will not return forever.”

Also, in a “statement” they issued, hundreds of Israeli and American public figures called on American Jewish groups to speak out against the “ultimate purpose” of judicial reform of “more land annexation and ethnic cleansing of all territories under Israeli rule for their Palestinian residents.” What is striking about this statement on the international level is that prominent Israeli figures signed its explicit declaration that “the Palestinians live under an apartheid regime.” The statement also included his call on American Jewish groups to “demand elected leaders in the United States to help end the occupation, restrict the use of American military aid in the occupied Palestinian territories, and end Israeli impunity in the United Nations and other international organizations!” Despite the old saying: “Be optimistic… You find it. Is it possible to be optimistic - let alone confident - regarding the relationship with the “Great Political Satan” (the American administration), which has always been hostile to us Arabs, and has sided with the Zionist invader against our rights and interests?!


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Is it possible to be optimistic and trust the transformations of “Satan”?!


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