Thu 21 Sep 2023 9:08 am - Jerusalem Time

Clear positive positions from Saudi Arabia and Jordan against the occupying state!!

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly two days ago, King Abdullah II affirmed that suffering will continue in our region until the world takes action and helps resolve the Palestinian issue and end the conflict. He explained that five million Palestinians live under occupation with no rights, no freedom, and no decision to manage their lives. The Jordanian King added that the two-state solution is the essence of resolving disagreement and conflict and the only path towards comprehensive and lasting peace.

In Riyadh, Saudi officials familiar with the negotiations between the United States of America and Saudi Arabia, including the normalization of Saudi-Israeli relations, confirmed that Saudi Arabia is not interested in conducting negotiations with an extremist Israeli government, and is upset with the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, for his lack of seriousness in dealing with these Saudi conditions and commitment regarding the Palestinian issue.

These positions come after leaked news claimed that Saudi Arabia was about to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, and the clear Saudi response was largely positive.

Unfortunately, there is news leaking about normalization processes in various forms between Israel and some Arab countries, and we do not wish to mention names in this context until the positions become clear officially and publicly, and then the talk will be in its time and place.

It should be noted that any normalization with the occupying state means a national denial of our rights and our efforts to establish our state and achieve justice for our people and our future in general, and it supports the occupation that occupies the land and kills young people daily.

Normalization in its various forms has no value or necessity at all, because Israel constitutes a very small part when looking at the Arab world, and any potential of it to provide aid or services to any Arab country is nothing but talk in the air and has no value or truth to it, because the potential, energies and capabilities of our Arab world exceed thousands of times. Everything owned by the Jews in the world or by Israel, which occupies our land.

We hope that these positions, especially from Saudi Arabia, will be final, strong and unchangeable, unless Israel withdraws from the West Bank and Jerusalem and we establish our independent Palestinian state with our holy city as its capital, the land of the Night Journey and the Mi’raj, the first of the two qiblahs and the third of the Two Holy Mosques.

O you who are running after normalization, stop, and you who dream of normalization, drown in your dreams..!!


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Clear positive positions from Saudi Arabia and Jordan against the occupying state!!


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