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The Judaization of social media, the Judaization of history, and the Judaization of the place as well

The monopoly on the role of target and persecutor practiced by Zionist propaganda has effectively turned into a bogeyman that frightens most people, intellectuals and academics, as well as politicians. Thus, Zionist propaganda succeeds twice through the use of this weapon: the first time in preventing criticism or accountability, and the second time in Practicing what it wants against the Palestinian people under a thick veil of smoke of terror and intimidation. Zionist propaganda, supported by enormous forces, known and unknown, was able to turn its statements and claims into historical facts in what is considered a precedent that occurs for the first time in history. The Zionist desire to... The monopoly on the image and narrative of Jewish history - which is disputed and numerous - has reached its peak in the persistent and also successful attempts to Judaize social media by fighting Palestinian content first and by remaining silent about the racism and hatred that oozes from some Zionist content and not banning it or objecting to it or punish him at all.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Elon Musk was an expressive meeting of the successful and ongoing Zionist attempt to use this global platform to monopolize image, content, narrative, and vision as well.

This is consistent with the attempts of international Zionist propaganda to monopolize the historical narrative by Judaizing all of history, that is, making the Jew a central person in making the global event, and this is the trend expressed by hundreds of historians, theorists, and archaeologists who spoke of trees and stones and twisted the neck of the facts to agree. With feverish and sick whims and imaginations, and for this reason we are not surprised by Israel’s denunciation of UNESCO’s position on the Sultan Hill in Jericho, as well as the naïve and laughable attempts to seize some Palestinian foods or clothing, considering that the strong inherit the weak.

The Judaization of history means that some group, other than the groups of people, was the one who started human civilization and was the first to write, worship God, or present an aesthetic proposal to the world. This is a slander against the truth and may have killed him or her as well, and all of this is accompanied and integrated with attempts. The ongoing process that is taking place in front of all the eyes of the world to Judaize the Palestinian spatial space, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque, in which attempts to change the reality began from the first day of its occupation until this day, by abusing it, digging under it, building around it, disturbing its stones and walls, and controlling access and Exiting it, arresting those in seclusion, preventing worshipers, pushing settlers into it, and trying to possess it physically and not symbolically through the multiplying biblical practices, from blowing the trumpet to preparing for the sacred cow and ending with preparing teams of priests ready to implement a feverish and sick plan, in addition to spreading settlement in different ways. Geometric, demographic, and tensional, trying to build another awareness of the place and therefore of history itself, and fighting the Palestinian approach and preventing the birth of a nationalist feeling sufficient to build a state and society, and fighting every Palestinian initiative that could stand in the face of this fossilized trend.

The policy of Judaization is a policy of banishment and absence of everything that is non-Jewish. The policy of Judaization is, in some way, a reflection of the mentality of seclusion and isolation at the same time, because Judaization is a process of isolation and monopoly on the one hand, and a process of expulsion and deportation on the other hand, and it is practiced at the level of consciousness from By monopolizing the role of the unique target and persecutor of the prophecy, and also practicing it at the level of spatial space by transforming it into a divine entity that cannot tolerate any other human control, the policy of Judaization is a dangerous process of subjectification in which the world is centralized into only one group that claims to be the most deserving and the most capable.

In my humble opinion, the majority of the Jewish public in Israel is rushing into dangerous areas of destructive awareness. Panic on the one hand, possession of power on the other hand, and speaking in the name of God on the other hand, all of this leads to undesirable consequences.


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The Judaization of social media, the Judaization of history, and the Judaization of the place as well


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