Tue 19 Sep 2023 9:19 am - Jerusalem Time

Our people will not surrender

The occupying state, especially the current government of Benjamin Netanyahu, which is one of the most extremist, racist, and hostile occupation governments to the Palestinians in particular and the Arabs in general, believes that its aggressive practices against our people will make them surrender and raise the white flag, and that it can resolve the conflict in its favor, liquidate the Palestinian issue, and make the remaining Palestinians in Palestine a powerless minority. There is no power, after the largest number of them were deported in a massive process of ethnic cleansing, waiting for the opportunity or opportunities to implement this matter.

However, the occupying state and its current government are ignorant that our people, who have made huge sacrifices on the altar of their national cause, are prepared to make more of these sacrifices until they fully realize their inalienable national rights to return, self-determination, and establish their independent state with full sovereignty over their national territory, which they will not give up, no matter how powerful the occupation is. And his tyranny and the herds of settlers.

The greatest evidence of this is that the more the practices, violations and crimes of the occupation forces and herds of settlers increase, the more our people will not be calm. On the contrary, such crimes increase their determination to continue their national journey until they achieve their freedom and independence and defeat the occupation from the land of our fathers and grandfathers.

For example, during the past few hours, the occupation forces and herds of settlers were targeted in three shooting operations, in response to the crimes of the occupation and the countless atrocities it commits against our people, their land, and their sanctities, and in full view of the world, which does nothing except issuing statements of denunciation and denunciation. Which no longer means anything to the occupying state as long as the United States of America and many Western countries with a colonial past stand by it and prevent it from being punished in international forums and global courts, especially the war crimes court, after these countries contributed to establishing the occupying state at the expense and destruction of our people who Half of it still lives in refugee camps in several Arab countries, along with many of our people dispersed around the world awaiting their return to their homeland, Palestine, after defeating the brutal occupation, whether long or short.

Every action has a reaction equal to it in magnitude and opposite to it in direction, and the crimes and violations of the occupation will not go unnoticed, as the occupation believes, which is the main reason for the tragedies and woes the Palestinian territories are witnessing, which portends a widespread explosion, especially since the situation in the West Bank. Including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, it is boiling like a cauldron, and the big explosion is inevitably coming. This is also expected by Jewish writers and analysts, despite their hostility to our people, their bias towards the brutal occupation, and their defense of the occupation’s practices.

If the occupying state wants calm for the region in general and in the Palestinian territories in particular, it must recognize the inalienable national rights of our people and leave their land, because this is the only solution to prevent the explosion that has become imminent, and its manifestations are clearly visible through what is happening in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in terms of responses to the evils of the occupation. Including attempts to Judaize Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif and Jerusalem and falsifying history and facts, with the occupation thinking that this will pass without obstacles or confrontation with our people who have not and will not surrender, and that the occupation is doomed to disappear. This is a historical inevitability proven by the facts of the countries that were colonized and the struggle of their peoples led to their elimination. From colonialism, to live a free and dignified life like other peoples of the world, and this is what our people will achieve as they continue their journey towards achieving complete freedom and independence.


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Our people will not surrender


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