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The conflict in the entity state rages over identity

The state of the entity described the meeting of the Supreme Court of Justice with its entire (15) judicial body on Tuesday 9/12/2023 as a historic day, and this session does not gain its importance from the convening of the court in its entirety only, but because it will discuss a basic law that was approved by the Knesset. The law reducing the argument of reasonableness, which greatly and directly affects the relationship between the Supreme Court of Justice, the Knesset, and the government, the court that met for thirteen hours, and which considered appeals to the law, presented by opposition legislators and oversight groups, in which they said that these judicial amendments upset the balance. Democratic controls are important and encourage the abuse of power.

While the government said in its legal response to the appeal that the Supreme Court does not even have the authority to review the “argument of reasonableness” law, which is part of the quasi-constitutional basic law, stressing that considering appeals could “lead to chaos.” In this regard, he said Minister of what is known as the fascist National Security, Ben Gvir, said that if “the Supreme Court abolishes the law of reasonableness, it will be an attempted coup,” stressing that “the Supreme Court is not above everything,” while his partner and twin, Finance Minister Smotrich, warned the court against abolishing the law, saying: Repealing the legislation would be tantamount to going beyond its limits. "No one has the power to repeal the laws of the people," he added.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Netanyahu, who have been leading the Judicial Amendments Bill since January of this year, want to control the judicial system and liberate the Knesset and the government from the control of the Supreme Court of Justice, which they consider to be the stronghold of the so-called left, which is politically biased, and originally the government coalition that Established between the extreme right and Jewish fascism, one of its main goals, Netanyahu and his coalition took control of the judiciary, security, and education systems.

Approving the law on the argument of reasonableness, and then approving the law changing the Judicial Appointment Committee, is a prelude to controlling the judicial system completely, which Netanyahu, Yariv Levin and their team say is that the goal of these reforms and amendments is to restore balance between the three authorities and strengthen democracy, while the opposition and oversight organizations see That this will transform the entity state into an authoritarian dictatorial entity, similar to the Iranian and North Korean regimes, as they described it. And that the goal of these alleged “reforms” is to change the parliamentary immunity law for members of the Knesset, ministers, and the prime minister, so that they do not face investigation or trial while holding their positions, that is, Enacting a law that would immunize Netanyahu and save him from trial. It would also enable the return of Aryeh Deri, the leader of the Shas movement, as a minister to the government, after the Supreme Court of Justice forced Netanyahu to dismiss him against the backdrop of a file of criminal charges against him.

These reforms also aim to abolish the “fraud and breach of trust” clause in the Criminal and Penal Code, so that the politician and government employee become a man above the law, and abolishing this clause will favor the personal interest of officials over the public good.

The conflict in the entity state is intensifying and deepening, and the divisions are increasing and expanding, reaching the security and military institutions, and the entity state is entering the stage of indecision and political exit, and the state of societal non-integration is also deepening, and therefore the issue of the struggle over judicial amendments is the trigger for these differences, conflicts and divisions, and if If the Supreme Court of Justice takes a decision to cancel the law “reducing the argument of reasonableness”, this may lead to a constitutional confrontation and chaos, and matters may reach the point of political assassination, and we must remember that these divisions and this conflict go back to November 1995, when Jewish fascism took hold. After the assassination of Rabin, that same fascism that brought Sharon and Netanyahu to power...this fascism today is moving from the edges of the Zionist project to its heart, and has become a major controller of the survival and fall of Israeli governments, and it is leading the conflict with the liberal Zionist forces over the identity of the state, an ideological and cultural conflict. It wants to transform the state into a state of Sharia law, “Halakhah.” This means that the occupying entity is facing major transformations. The Knesset no longer has control over the synagogue, nor does the state control the gang, nor does the army control the militia. Rather, these transformations are in light of what the former head of the entity, Rauf, said. Zivlin stated that four tribes share the entity: 38% secularists, 27% Arabs, 25% religious fundamentalist Jews, and 15% extremist Zionist Jews. The secularist bloc, in Zivlin’s opinion, gradually dissolves in favor of the increasing status of the two blocs of religious fundamentalists and extremist Zionists, that is, the synagogue group instead of the Knesset.

Yes, the entity state has its existential, structural, political and societal crises deepening in an unprecedented way... as well as the divisions it is experiencing, and the profound transformations taking place within it, despite what the entity’s Minister of War, Gallant, said to the mini-ministerial council about his hints at his entity’s responsibility for the raids launched by air force planes three years ago. Days on the Syrian coast - Tartous - and in the city of Hama, which killed two members of the Syrian army and injured a number of other soldiers and citizens. The roar of the entity’s planes was louder than anything else in the background, and that “deeds are what matters, not words.” But no. This means that the entity state is not obsessed with existential fear. It is moving to an entity in which the gang controls the state, the militia controls the army, and the synagogue controls the Knesset.

Hence, lawyer Ilan Baumbach, the government’s representative before the Supreme Court, directly attacked the Declaration of Independence, which established the entire Israeli identity, saying: “No one can believe that 37 people are not elected at all... and without their intention, and in their haste, They formulate a document for us in a hasty manner that we call a constitution that restricts all future generations.” This is nothing but confirmation that the basis of the dilemma and disagreement between supporters of judicial amendments and their opponents is nothing but a deep disagreement between a supporter of the current Israeli Zionist identity and a team seeking to formulate it anew according to its new vision.


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The conflict in the entity state rages over identity


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