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41 years since the horrific Sabra and Shatila massacre

On days like these, 41 years have passed since the Sabra and Shatila massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which was committed by Lebanese gangs with the support and cover of the Israeli occupation forces that invaded Lebanon in 1982 AD and occupied the capital, Beirut, but after the Palestinian forces withdrew from it after the United States pledged The US, through its mediator Philip Habib, agreed to protect the security of the Palestinian camps and not allow the Israeli occupation forces to occupy Beirut.

However, this American pledge was like throwing ash in the eyes, especially since all the information confirmed that America knew about the massacre that lasted for three days and nights, but it did not do anything to stop it, but rather remained silent like the silence of graves, which means that it and the Israeli occupation forces are partners. In the massacre, and that betting on America is a failed bet by all standards and standards, because the United States is hostile to the Palestinian people and deals with two standards regarding the Israeli side, as it is always on its side and against the Palestinian people always and forever.

The Palestinian refugees in the two camps paid a heavy price as a result of this massacre, as the number of martyrs - men, women and children - reached about four thousand martyrs, and the Lebanese gangs used all types of weapons, including edged weapons, as they cut open the stomachs of women and children and other heinous practices that are deplorable. She has the forehead of humanity.

This hideous massacre that befell our people in the two camps expresses the extent of the enemies’ hatred for the Palestinian people, and a miserable attempt to liquidate their existence for the benefit of the occupying state and its agents in the region and abroad.

However, our people, who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs on the altar of their national cause, will continue their struggle until their full goals of complete freedom and independence are achieved and the establishment of their independent state on their national soil with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

This massacre and other massacres committed against our people will remain a disgrace on the forehead of all those who carried out and contributed to it and those who remained silent about committing it, as the United States of America did.

Our people, who have not forgotten their martyrs, will not forget this massacre and other massacres, and will not forgive, no matter how long or short it takes, and its perpetrators will pay the price, sooner or later, as the blood of the martyrs will not be in vain.

The international community also bears responsibility for the terrible massacre because it did not hold accountable the killers and those who supported them and those who remained silent about it, especially the occupation forces that provided everything necessary for the Lebanese gangs to carry out the massacre.

The day will come when our people will regain their full rights and the criminal killers will be held accountable, and Palestinian memory will remain alive until the rights of the martyrs of the massacre and other massacres that will not be forgotten are fulfilled.


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41 years since the horrific Sabra and Shatila massacre


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