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America, Israel, and the lack of justice against the Palestinian people

Since the Sais-Picot Agreement in the year 1916 AD and the division of the rule of the Arab countries between Britain and France, it became clear that there was a conspiracy against the Palestinian people, as the colonial rule of Palestine was the share of Britain, whose foreign policy was controlled by Rothschild, the leader of the Zionist Freemasons. In the year 1917 AD, and by order of Rothschild, a declaration was issued by the British Foreign Minister. Lord Balfour, called the Balfour Declaration, to establish a Jewish-Zionist-Masonic entity in Palestine.

After the defeat of the Ottoman rule in 1922 AD, Britain colonized Palestine under the guise of a mandate and appointed the Zionist Samuel as High Commissioner for Palestine.

During these years, Hitler or the Nazis did not rule Austria or Germany, that is, at this time there was no torture or burning by the Nazis of Jews and others, meaning that America, Britain and Europe all agreed to plant this cancer called Israel. In the heart of the Arab nation.

British colonialism was the official delegate to assist Zionist immigration to Palestine. And allowing the construction of armed colonies by the Zionist gangs, the Haganah, Stern, Irgun and other gangs.

In the year 1948 AD, specifically on May 15, Britain decided to end its colonization of Palestine, leaving behind all the weapons stores of the Zionist gangs that displaced our people and committed massacres against them in full view of the entire world.

Instead of the world supporting our people, the American Zionist President Truman recognized the State of Israel, which he declared on the ruins of our people after a United Nations Council meeting was held at the behest of America and pressured several countries to recognize the occupying state. This was done without recognizing the State of Palestine.

The first to recognize the State of Israel were the United States and Russia, followed by Britain, the first criminal against the Palestinian people, and followed by the rest of the European and non-European countries, without a solution to the Palestinian issue due to the intransigence of America, which implements as Israel wants.

The migration of the Palestinian people to the ring countries, with ignorant Arab promises, America’s malicious plans biased towards Israel, and the mistake of the leaders of the ring states, who signed a permanent truce with the entity state without the condition of the return of the Palestinian refugees, made the Palestinian people homeless, without a state, and living in shelters outside the homeland, or inside, or in a land under unjust occupation.

From 1948 to the present day, America has become a faithful servant of Israel, not caring about the financial power of the Arabs. On the contrary, it encourages the Arab countries to normalize relations with this usurping entity.

Unfortunately, America, which built its greatness as the protector of democracy in the world, has now clearly emerged, after the Russian-Ukrainian war, as the leader of racism in the world.
In the end, only America and Israel remain in the world standing together against any project that ends this Jewish-Zionist-Masonic occupation.
Therefore, the Palestinian factions that talk about liberation have no choice but to end this division, so that we can be one hand in resisting this occupation, the price of which is paid only by the Palestinian people, and God is our helper.
*Member of the National Council


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America, Israel, and the lack of justice against the Palestinian people


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