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I fear that violence will become the culture of our people

I hesitated before writing this article, because of the implications it would have on the public mood, but this is the reality of our society inside Palestine. Violence is permeating and deeply rooted, and a stream of blood is flowing in our society, and the security services responsible for providing security and safety for the Arab citizen are absent from carrying out their duties, as if they are in a state of hibernation. Thus, under the protection of criminal gangs such as the security establishment. Violence can become a culture for our people at home, and why?

First, explain what is the term culture? It is a human production, it is a systematic picture of acquired behaviors that are inherited to children from their parents. Culture is the sum of the empirical and symbolic experiences of a person or a group, that is, a road map, such as: knowledge (knowledge), customs and traditions, morals, art, religion, means of communication, law, etc. An individual considers himself part of a particular culture when he belongs to a social group whose members see themselves as sharing those experiential experiences.

Is culture always positive? No, each group has its own culture. For example, criminal gangs have their own culture, and the Islamic movement also has its own culture. Yes, the Islamic movement will not bring a new faith, but rather revived and revived Islam again, and there is no doubt that it has a great credit for that.

Is culture eternal? No, it must be renewed from time to time. For example: If we took a sample from a rock that is fixed in place and examined it in the laboratory, we would find that it contains a certain amount of minerals. If we returned a year later to the same rock and took a sample from the same place, we would find that the amount of minerals differed from the previous year. If a rock is fixed in place and its contents change from time to time, then what about a person who moves from one place to another and is exposed to another culture and different concepts through the means to which he is exposed daily and around the clock? Therefore, a person's culture must change over the years according to the experiences he acquires, and there is no guarantee that it will change for the better. The concept of the best varies from one person to another.
All the various customs creep into the societies of the world slowly due to their initial rejection, rejection and resentment from the host society, but they gradually penetrate and later become legitimate. If we looked at a large portion of the customs and traditions prevailing in our societies today compared to what they were forty years ago, we would find that they were strange and imported from other peoples. At first, they were rejected and gradually penetrated and became part of the behaviors of our societies.
Thus, when the citizen begins to lose security and confidence in the authority responsible for providing this, he must search for alternative means to protect himself and his family members, from the danger of those gangs that pose a danger to him, in light of protecting those gangs from legal prosecution and bringing them to a fair judiciary.” "The absent present", meaning there is no deterrent to it. Thus, they have become exemplary segments that have morals that are legally rejected and contradict customs in defending themselves.
Recently, a strange behavioral phenomenon has begun to infiltrate our society, represented by some people possessing various means to protect their families, and training on how to use them and put them on until needed. The question that arises is that in the absence of a deterrent from the authority to protect the citizen and his family, does he not have the right to take all means of protection?! Thus, what is prohibited gradually becomes legitimate, such as society.
I also began to hear our children repeating strange and disturbing terms referring to violence, and this goes back to the current discourse that deals with violence. When children begin to imitate adults in their aggressive expressions, the alarm must be raised...!


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I fear that violence will become the culture of our people


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